Ice makers for sale

If you wish to purchase ice makers for sale, it can refer to Viet An tube ice making machine. All of our products are high quality along with achieving the international certification – ISO 9001: 2008 – the best standard in the world. Currently, 1 ton ice making machine with low capacities will cost at 160 million VND.

The need of using ice cube makers is increasing due to drought along with the greenhouse effect. Besides of that, water is used for making ice, which is severely contaminated by process of waste water discharge from industrialization that is tend to raise (there are so many factories discharge waste water into the environment, but not get through any waste water processing system – as typical as Ha Tinh Formosa plant – this is one of actions should be condemned).

It will be the smart choice, if you use VA ice maker machine for sale, because this is the products, which apply the best water purification technology in the world – all machine lines are imported directly from the United States. Thereby, it is so easy to help kill bacteria and eliminate hazardous substances. In addition, Viet An ice maker machine also reduce power usage by approximately 18 percent compared to other devices.


USApec VA ice makers for sale and some of “Advantages”:

  1. The input water source before being put into industrial freezers, will be filtered through water filtration line with a capacity up to thousands liters per one hour. Finished ice will 100% get criteria of “food safety”.
  2. The power consumption of VA machine for sale will substantially reduce. Through this, increasing profit margin – with calculation of 1 year, you can save 25 million VND on electricity with an ice making freezers of 1 ton capacity.
  3. The price is extremely attractive – together with the special discount.
  4. Control panel of pure ice makers for sale is easy to use because of being very few buttons.
  5. 100% cube ice machine are stainless steel – it will help to reduce and prevent oxidation – which thereby reducing machine life.
  6. The average duration of using Viet An tube ice maker ups to 10 years.
  7. All VA USApec ice makers have cooling part, which combines between air and solvent.
  8. Viet An devices have features to stop running, when input water supply is out.
  9. When our ice making machines have problems, it will automatically alarm by buzzer in order to let users know, thereby making timely settlement.

Something customers need to remember, when buying our ice makers for sale.

  1. Viet An company will send skilled staff to support, install, and consult how to use ice making machine well.
  2. All products of Viet An company have been guaranteed by 18 months. During in this warranty period, if USApec VA equipment make any errors or does not work well, then we will directly come to repair.
  3. Viet An applies a periodic maintenance policy for 1 time in 2 years with all USApec and VA ice makers for sale.
  4. During the first 7 days, if Viet An machines don’t work well, cause a lot of noise, or not operate – then our company will make an exchange one by one.
  5. Payment Methods of these product lines for sale are diversified, customers can make payments in form of cash or bank transfer (account number of Viet An Company as follows: Agribank – West Lake branches – Hanoi: 1506205064324)

Important notes, when customers use USApec pure ice makers for sale.

  1. IF you want devices operate well, then they need a stable power supply at 380V.
  2. it is required for making clean ice cube maker routinely, do not let these ice making machines long time without any making hygiene. When make it start, you just need use cheap mop to clean.
  3. When there is a sign of malfunctioning from VA tube ice makers, you should call to our company, not arbitrarily fix.
  4. Let equipment near with clear water sources.

If you want to own a good pure ice source for daily activities as well as for business purposes, you can contact via telephone number: 0943 41 41 41 meet Mr. Hoan for getting details. Currently, our company has one factory of manufacturing ice makers for sale, along with 4 showrooms across Viet Nam:

1, Viet An refrigeration plant – Quang Minh Industrial Zone – Hanoi

2, No 10 – N6, Lane 40, Xuan La, Hanoi.

3, 27 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Da Nang.

4, No 40 Nguyen Anh Thu, Sai Gon.

5, No 87 Group 4, Buon Ma Thuot.

Ice making machines

If customers want to know detailed information about pure ice making machines, so you are able to visit our Viet An General Trading joint stock Company at address: No 10 – N6, Lane 40, Xuan La Street, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi. We guarantee our devices have good quality, affordable price, as long as long warranty period.

If you want to invest in manufacturing clean ice with a large-capacity, which means that desiring to generate a big profits base on ice making lines – which are worth with initial invested cost. Currently, our Viet An devices – ice cube machines are capable of rapid cooling, consuming less power – along with that is ability to perform well in all environment conditions All of that will help customer maximize profits and minimize costs.

Undertaking USApec pure ice manufacturing maker is the best!

Viet An Equipment – ice machine is the perfect suggestion for you. With a reasonable price and large capacity of making ice will meet all your needs.

ice making machine

The impressive features of Viet An ice making machine:

  1. Products with elegant design – being not too bulky.
  2. Viet An ice machine have designed with ability to operate automatically. This will help anyone can operate product. You just simply press button – all remaining work will be handled by Viet An ice machine.
  3. VA Ice machine own ice making function as requirement, you can adjust “age grade” of ice with an order on control panel system. Depending on this small manipulation, Viet An ice machine will produce ice types, which have “age grade “as required.
  4. Price of ice making machine devices are incredibly cheap.
  5. Components, which constitute these devices, have been produced by our own Viet An joint stock company, so quality of equipment is extremely durable with time (Viet An used 304 stainless steel to manufacture these components).

With technical improvements to quality of Viet An device: so we committed that output of ice is the same with parameter on equipment. All quality of ice is inspected for purity, without mixing impurities or dirt. Ensuring health of consumers.

Because of this, Viet An ice machine has received a lot of good reviews from customers. All water filtering process, cooling and ice storage are closed, avoiding surrounding dirt and harmful bacteria.

ice making machine 2

Viet An provide price of ice making machine, which is SHOCKING

When buying Viet An ice machine, you will receive the following special policies:

Currently, there are several models of pure ice production, you should consider one of the following issues in order to get suitable one: intended use, ice volumes required for 1 day, type of used ice (flake ice, cube ice, tube ice…)

There have been many companies have used products of Viet An – such as: Binh Minh Tourism Joint Stock Company, Hoang Lien Pharmaceutical Company, Dong Duong International Company. They all have shared  positive comments about Viet An’s ice making machine equipment as following: Good capacity of ice making devices, finished ice with purity and long melt that are great compare with other ice making products on the market. Moreover, price of cube ice machine is also nice – it is suitable with everyone.

Our ice machines usually have been used from ice manufacturing enterprises, to frozen goods manufacturing businesses or bars – They asked quantity and quality, which is must good, so choosing Viet An clean ice machines.

Note about setting placement of VA machine: it should locate device in a dry, cool, good air circulation, do not put machines in locations with direct sunlight from the sun (decrease performance efficiency of USApec industrial freezers).

Any questions about Viet An company’s ice making machines products – please call to the following phone number: 09 43 41 41 41 = 09 42 41 4141 – all questions will be answered by Viet An staff enthusiastically.

Tube ice maker

Viet An is very desirable to have opportunity to cooperate with you!

Tube ice maker

Viet An is a best unit in sale and manufacturing good and famous Tube ice maker with Viet Nam in particular and Asia in general. Each VA product will give customers a great experience with no one devices can provide.

Currently, clean – pure ice is an indispensable item in activities of daily life, especially when it contribute an important role in beverage industry as well as food preservation. Therefore, quality of finished ice has a large effect for every one as well every business.

Due to environmental pollution problems are wide spreading, leading to clean water is depleted, so which make quality of ice go down severely. That’s why, in the market there are a lot of bad pure ice bags – do not guarantee standard of food safety. Understanding this problem, our Viet An general trading company has made research and manufacture success to market a high-quality ice making machine – Completely remove dirt and harmful bacteria (which cause badly to human body).

tube ice maker

VA Tube ice maker in the best in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asian

Viet An company is an unit specialize in providing products of industrial and Tube ice maker – all have applied the most modern technology in the world, which are imported from US and European countries. Our products are bright spots in Viet Nam market about quality and reach ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our ice machine products has filter cores importing from Japan, so that it has ability to make total clean turbid, sediment, and completely eliminate toxic elements such as heavy metals, chemicals, detergents, insecticides, bacterial, deodorizing as well as raising PH concentration…to let finished ice get perfect state.

Viet An ice manufacturing machines use cooling methods combined between water and air, in order to increase productivity, limit downsides and promote advantages. Use of cooling air will remove heat from machines, help industrial ice cube machine run in smooth and efficient operation. Using cooling water will help products, which will not be affected by environmental temperature change – so it is great ideal for using it in place with tropical monsoon climate.

Further detail of throttle, it will be used to adjust water flow when steam of refrigerant flow through, thereby increasing cooling rate.

Advantage of Viet An Tube ice maker:

Currently, Viet An has applied successfully purified water filtration system to ice machine cleaner.

Details of this water filtration system:

If customers want more details of Tube ice maker – please contact to us via telephone number: 0943 41 41 41. Viet An is so pleased to serve you.

We wish all of you have ice and good day.

Futher product:

Clear ice cube maker

Clear ice cube maker

Welcome to Viet An company, if you want to use or make a business with clean ice. Currently Our company is the best clear ice cube maker seller on the market with cheap price – as well as achieving international standards. These kind of machines are assembled by skilled technicians. Products are constituted by imported  parts.

Furthermore, Equipments’re from Viet An company was certified by Viet Nam Ministry of Health about healthy products to consumers. There have been many businesses – companies which have used our products and give out positive feedback.

clear ice cube maker

The best company in selling clear ice maker in Viet Nam

If your company or your business is in need of investment and equipping manufacturing industrial purified ice cubes, then this is a great opportunity for you. Our products is really great choice by high quality finished ice – as so as hygiene and food safety.

Every Viet An ice makers always meet 3 criterions “cheap – reliable – nice”. If customers don’t believe, they can refer on the market, before visiting  Viet An “showroom”.

Viet An provides excellent clear ice cube maker

Ice machines have been designed  so ingenious – not taking up much space. All of these machines is manufactured according to USA standards, do not using rack and it can move easy – this is hard thing to other products.

Viet An equipments used Refrigerant R22 – it is imported genuine. This is a cold gas don’t affect badly to human health. Cooling process is complete closed and automated. Ensuring to get safe as well as clean ice.

Notes: Currently on the market there are so many units sell fake clear ice maker – it use poor quality components – in a short time it will be rusty as well as never using  water purification – so it will make finished ices contain much bacteria.

The advantages of Viet An ice machine

Process of Workflow: The machines are controlled by electronic smart board, it just needs one person to manipulate and handing to make instructions on the control panel. All following manufacturing process will be completely automated.

Water purification: All ice machine products from Viet An has containned pure water filtration system with perfect technology, water before going in ice-making process will be filtered clean bacteria, removing residues – thereby improving the quality of ice. This filtering technology has been granted inventions by authority, so you can totally feel free and comfortarble about the quality of finished ice. Currently, we have good policy in discounting when ordering more than one product.

Summary about products: Ice makers of Viet An companies are suitable for business, individual who have desire to make own business in making profit from selling ices. These equipments are operated and assembed by USA standard technology. All ice maker has been certified by ISO 9001: 2015.

Customers can contact to the hotline number – 0943 41 41 41 – to get full consulting service in details about clear ice cube maker.

Sincerely thank!