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What is VA ice maker machine, ice cube maker? Are there any outstanding things when buying tube ice machine USApec -VA? where can we buy ice makers and how to use them properly? Those are questions – that the customer care department of Viet An GTJS company has received.

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in importing and exporting, supplying and producing various kinds of purified tube ice machine. The products of ice cube maker always have been the trusted and well received by the people, along with that – the warranty, heartedly customer care services  – have gave Viet An become a leading choice in the supply of products like purified tube ice machine, water filters, and many other machines.

In this article, Viet An will help you answer those questions that we have mentioned above.

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What is industrial ice maker machine, ice cube maker USApec-VA?

Tube ice machine

Ice makers for sale

Cube ice maker (ice cube maker) made by Viet An is one of the ice makers “hot” in Viet Nam. Specializing used to produce tubular ice with different sizes to meet all business needs as well as demand.

10 main reasons why you should buy ice maker machine, ice cube maker!

1. The Cabinet of cube ice maker is made by stainless steel.

2. It has a speed making pure tube ice fast, safe and clean.

3. Stable performance, famous compressor has imported from Japan and American.

4. Tube Ice machine has low noise and a strong cold.

5. The system of machines is cooled by air.

6. Ice cube maker has the automatic control system.

7. Purified water is cleaned by disinfection technology.

8. All strures of ice maker machine for producing pure ice are made of stainless steel and heat treatment to ensure the best heat transfer efficiency.

9. Anti-corrosion, easy to clean.

10. In particular, industrial ice maker machine is according to US technology, so ensuring customer can save up to 12% power (reduce average cost of electricity approximate 25,000,000 VND/machine/year for investors) compared to conventional machines.

Where can people buy ice cube maker, ice maker machine?

Ice cube maker is proprietary products – distribute by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company according to the brand VA in Vietnam.

For example VA5T ice tube maker:

Some ice machine specs:

+ Machine size: 2.2 × 1.6 × 4.9
+ Weight of ice maker machine no load: 4500Kg
+ Electricity consumption: 75 (+ -10%) KW / h
+ Voltage: 380V
+ Brand, origin: Model: VA5T. VA genuine goods, company’s goods

Ice cube maker, ice maker machine produces many kinds of tube ice:

1. Large Ice (LT): 47 x 80 mm and 44x80mm, used for drinking beer, soft drinks.

2. Ice medium (EM): 38 x 40 mm and 34 x 40 mm, used for drinking ice tea, and it can use as substitutes for coffee and beer ice.

3. Small Ice (S): 19 x 20 mm, used for drinking coffee, juice and water mixture

Example about detail of industrial tube ice machine VA5T (5 tons/per day)

Video introduces ice making machine

Some features about Viet An Company

As one of the leading companies in manufacturing, importing all kinds of pure ice cube maker, ice makers. Always applying the science and technology of the most advanced countries in the world, the tube ice machine products of Viet An Company are always the most superior on the market today. In addition, with dedicated, professional customer care team – Viet An Company has become a reliable partner of many companies and big corporations in domestic and overseas.

ice cube maker, ice maker machine

Cheapest ice makers for sale

Some agencies enterprises have used Viet An Company’s products:

Cuong Nhu trading and production company Limited, 234 Nguyen Trai Street, Voi Town, Lang Giang, Bac Giang, Vietnam. They have buy a good with ice making capacity is 10T/day.

Truong Trinh a member commercial investment and production company Limited, Group 3, Tan Thinh Ward, City Hoa Binh have bought an ice cube maker (ice maker machine) producing 20 tons/day.

With aim to bring the best value to customers, Viet An Company commit that customers will be used the best ice cube maker, ice makers, enjoy the best deals without a place provide yet. Whenever you need consult about using ice makers – please contact us through phone number below:

Hotline: 0942 41 41 41

Hanoi Branch

HCM City Branch

Da Nang Branch

Buon Ma Thuot Branch

Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Factory, Viet An

If you have any questions about the demand for purified ice cube maker, ice maker machine please contact the nearest Viet An branch for advice and support. Or call 0943 41 41 41 (HOTLINE)

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