Clear ice cube maker

Welcome to Viet An company, if you want to use or make a business with clean ice. Currently Our company is the best clear ice cube maker seller on the market with cheap price – as well as achieving international standards. These kind of machines are assembled by skilled technicians. Products are constituted by imported  parts.

Furthermore, Equipments’re from Viet An company was certified by Viet Nam Ministry of Health about healthy products to consumers. There have been many businesses – companies which have used our products and give out positive feedback.

clear ice cube maker

The best company in selling clear ice maker in Viet Nam

If your company or your business is in need of investment and equipping manufacturing industrial purified ice cubes, then this is a great opportunity for you. Our products is really great choice by high quality finished ice – as so as hygiene and food safety.

Every Viet An ice makers always meet 3 criterions “cheap – reliable – nice”. If customers don’t believe, they can refer on the market, before visiting  Viet An “showroom”.

Viet An provides excellent clear ice cube maker

Ice machines have been designed  so ingenious – not taking up much space. All of these machines is manufactured according to USA standards, do not using rack and it can move easy – this is hard thing to other products.

Viet An equipments used Refrigerant R22 – it is imported genuine. This is a cold gas don’t affect badly to human health. Cooling process is complete closed and automated. Ensuring to get safe as well as clean ice.

Notes: Currently on the market there are so many units sell fake clear ice maker – it use poor quality components – in a short time it will be rusty as well as never using  water purification – so it will make finished ices contain much bacteria.

The advantages of Viet An ice machine

Process of Workflow: The machines are controlled by electronic smart board, it just needs one person to manipulate and handing to make instructions on the control panel. All following manufacturing process will be completely automated.

Water purification: All ice machine products from Viet An has containned pure water filtration system with perfect technology, water before going in ice-making process will be filtered clean bacteria, removing residues – thereby improving the quality of ice. This filtering technology has been granted inventions by authority, so you can totally feel free and comfortarble about the quality of finished ice. Currently, we have good policy in discounting when ordering more than one product.

Summary about products: Ice makers of Viet An companies are suitable for business, individual who have desire to make own business in making profit from selling ices. These equipments are operated and assembed by USA standard technology. All ice maker has been certified by ISO 9001: 2015.

Customers can contact to the hotline number – 0943 41 41 41 – to get full consulting service in details about clear ice cube maker.

Sincerely thank!