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If customers want to know detailed information about pure ice making machines, so you are able to visit our Viet An General Trading joint stock Company at address: No 10 – N6, Lane 40, Xuan La Street, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi. We guarantee our devices have good quality, affordable price, as long as long warranty period.

If you want to invest in manufacturing clean ice with a large-capacity, which means that desiring to generate a big profits base on ice making lines – which are worth with initial invested cost. Currently, our Viet An devices – ice cube machines are capable of rapid cooling, consuming less power – along with that is ability to perform well in all environment conditions All of that will help customer maximize profits and minimize costs.

Undertaking USApec pure ice manufacturing maker is the best!

Viet An Equipment – ice machine is the perfect suggestion for you. With a reasonable price and large capacity of making ice will meet all your needs.

ice making machine

The impressive features of Viet An ice making machine:

  1. Products with elegant design – being not too bulky.
  2. Viet An ice machine have designed with ability to operate automatically. This will help anyone can operate product. You just simply press button – all remaining work will be handled by Viet An ice machine.
  3. VA Ice machine own ice making function as requirement, you can adjust “age grade” of ice with an order on control panel system. Depending on this small manipulation, Viet An ice machine will produce ice types, which have “age grade “as required.
  4. Price of ice making machine devices are incredibly cheap.
  5. Components, which constitute these devices, have been produced by our own Viet An joint stock company, so quality of equipment is extremely durable with time (Viet An used 304 stainless steel to manufacture these components).

With technical improvements to quality of Viet An device: so we committed that output of ice is the same with parameter on equipment. All quality of ice is inspected for purity, without mixing impurities or dirt. Ensuring health of consumers.

Because of this, Viet An ice machine has received a lot of good reviews from customers. All water filtering process, cooling and ice storage are closed, avoiding surrounding dirt and harmful bacteria.

ice making machine 2

Viet An provide price of ice making machine, which is SHOCKING

When buying Viet An ice machine, you will receive the following special policies:

Currently, there are several models of pure ice production, you should consider one of the following issues in order to get suitable one: intended use, ice volumes required for 1 day, type of used ice (flake ice, cube ice, tube ice…)

There have been many companies have used products of Viet An – such as: Binh Minh Tourism Joint Stock Company, Hoang Lien Pharmaceutical Company, Dong Duong International Company. They all have shared  positive comments about Viet An’s ice making machine equipment as following: Good capacity of ice making devices, finished ice with purity and long melt that are great compare with other ice making products on the market. Moreover, price of cube ice machine is also nice – it is suitable with everyone.

Our ice machines usually have been used from ice manufacturing enterprises, to frozen goods manufacturing businesses or bars – They asked quantity and quality, which is must good, so choosing Viet An clean ice machines.

Note about setting placement of VA machine: it should locate device in a dry, cool, good air circulation, do not put machines in locations with direct sunlight from the sun (decrease performance efficiency of USApec industrial freezers).

Any questions about Viet An company’s ice making machines products – please call to the following phone number: 09 43 41 41 41 = 09 42 41 4141 – all questions will be answered by Viet An staff enthusiastically.

Tube ice maker

Viet An is very desirable to have opportunity to cooperate with you!