IVA0.4T ice making machine 100% New

IVA0.4T ice making machine 100% New quality reputation in Vietnam is being sold by Viet An with the cheapest price in the market.

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We are currently the leading company in Vietnam in supplying water filtration lines, filling lines and manufacturing ice-making machines, bottle blowing machines, …

Pioneering in the field of industrial ice machine business, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company provides the market of 400KG IVA0.4T ice-making machines 100% New reputable quality and international standards. The Viet An’s products ensure the quality of the competent agencies according to ISO9001-2015 standards and are safe according to the Ministry of Health standards.

Viet An is currently one of the 10 largest ASEAN units in our business sector, we plan to be one of the three largest ASEAN units by 2025, deeply integrated into the Southeast Asian market.

Refer to the price of the mini-ice machine from Viet An in here: https://vietan.vn/may-lam-da-vien This is all ice-making machines manufactured by Viet An.

In the summer, the weather prolongs hot, making the demand for ice cubes increase day by day, opening up business opportunities for ice cube production facilities. Therefore, these businesses need to buy their own ice-making machine for production. But the market of ice cubes on the rampant market does not know what is the genuine product that can produce ice cubes safely for customers. Therefore, the solution of using Viet An ice machine is the best plan for your business. With sufficient capacity and design, we provide ice machines from 0.4 tons to 100 tons – meeting all business needs of customers.

With moderate capacity is IVA0.4T 400KG ice cube making machine 100% New is interested and favoured by their convenience, economy and safety. Let us find out about this product through the article below.

IVA0.4T 400KG Industrial ice making machine is New 100%

Not only the IVA0.4T machines series but all of the industrial ice machines manufactured by Viet An also apply modern US technology and all products meet the strictest ISO9001: 2015 international standards. Our products meet all customer requirements as well as affordable prices will satisfy customers at home and abroad. We promise is genuine goods if you detect fake goods we will give 100% of the value of the product.

IVA0.4T is equipped with a 100% new compressor

The compressor is 100% new

To make the ice-making machine works well or not is due to the performance of the compressor. If the compressor is durable, your 400KG industrial ice machine will also work stably, if the compressor malfunctions, the whole system will be affected, this will also incur additional costs, power costs and waste time. So to choose a quality ice machine that can limit unwanted risks, before buying the machine you should also pay attention to the compressor of the ice machine!

Liquid Air separation technology is unique to Viet An’s 400KG ice cube making machine

                 Liquid Air separation system

Viet An has launched a new ice machine line using the latest advanced technology 2020 which is a liquid air separation system. Thanks to this technology, the process of creating ice are happening quickly, moreover, the pipe of the ice machine becomes more neat and modern than the previous chicken intestine. Thanks to the application of the latest American energy-saving technology, the 400KG ice-making machine per day can save up to electricity compared to other industrial ice-making machines on the market. Ice making cycle is also greatly reduced, helping the unit save time and monthly costs. Viet An’s air separation system has the ability to remove fluid and return it to the airway. Prevent the compressor from becoming infected. Helping the compressor not defective and the service life of the compressor is much higher.

Pump Import 304 CBU

The stainless steel head pump system exclusively for Viet An industrial ice-making machines is exclusively imported by Viet An. Unlike other units that are using cast iron pumps, the price and quality are not as expected. At Viet An, we have strongly used 304 stainless steel pump for ice cube production system, so that you can be assured of the quality of our products that will last with time. It’s always shiny in your workshop space.

400Kg Ice Machine use condenser 100% new imported goods


One of the most important equipment in an ice cube making machine is a condenser. The condenser has the function of condensing from gas to liquid form. As directed by the supplier, customers should pay attention to cleaning the condenser at least once a month due to the condenser or limestone residue, if not cleaned, the heat exchange process will be reduced. Our condenser is also imported from advanced countries in the world.

An imported cooling tower for use in 400KG ice cube machine

The cooling tower

The cooling tower is one of the devices whose cooling function is to reduce water temperature. It is used in ice-making machines to reduce the temperature by cooling, the water and starting to release it into the atmosphere. To know whether the cooling tower works well or not, we can see whether the steam is strong or weak above, check if the water flows below the cool (water temperature from 30 – 38 degrees). With this device, customers should also clean regularly about once a week to help the system work best.

Automatic electrical system

Automatic electrical system

400KG ice making machine is equipped with a fully automatic electrical system that helps the machine operate the entire ice making process itself. 400kg IVA0.4T  Industrial stainless steel new ice-making machine has an automatic electrical system that helps the machine operate the entire process of ice making, automatically disconnects when there is an electrical problem, automatically adjusts ice making time to have satisfied hollow ice. You should also note that the ice-making machine is operated in the best way, customers need to install 3-phase electricity – 380V.

System of load bucket motor, ice cutter

With the ice machine 400KG IVA0.4T of Viet An. The system of bucket motor and stone cutter used is 100% new. Unlike the commercially available ice-making machines that use secondhand motor and old ice cutter.

Exclusive components only Viet An ice making machine available

Photos of Viet An’s exclusive accessories

To be able to produce ice machine 400KG in particular and other IVA ice machines in general. Viet An company we had to explore, research to design exclusive components. Set to be made exclusively for Viet An ice machine. Making our 400KG industrial ice machine is always special than other 400KG ice machines on the market.

High-quality stop valve system for industrial IVA0.4T 400KG ice making machine

Photos of high quality blocking valve system for IVA ice making machine

These are some of the latest typical technologies of 400KG ice-making machine in particular and Viet An industrial ice cube making machine in general, when industrial ice machine is applied this technology will help customers get The best quality products, power-saving and significant cost, these technologies are exclusive to Viet An and no units have, with benefits they bring to customers this explains why Viet An ice machine has a higher price than some other models on the market. But we still stand firm and have the trust from customers, that is the enthusiasm from the heart, committed to providing the best service regime for all customers.

Ancillary equipment of industrial stone making machine 400KG IVA0.4T buy more

Water filtration system for ice making machines

Specifications of water filtration system for IVA0.4T 0.4 ton industrial ice making machine



Filter capacity (m3 / 24h)




Electrical Power-Power (kw / h)


Power-Voltage (V)


Weight (kg)


Price (USD)


Packing system

Packing system: In order to create beautiful clean ice bags that are delivered to customers, you can not but have a fast and convenient packing system. When buying new ice machine 400KG iNox 100% customers will be given a packing system so there is no cost incurred for this device.

Viet An is committed to providing customers with the best industrial ice making machine

We are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market that are IVA0.4T ice machine in general and Viet An industrial ice machine in general. Although our ice machine may be higher than the market, you will understand that all the components to make our ice machine are imported and 100% new, we do not use old equipment. New equipment, new technology machines should be able to save electricity and produce a batch of ice much better.

Viet An ice making machine uses the latest technology. Exclusive ice-making technology only Viet An has 100% new compressors using the latest technology, power consumption will also be greatly reduced compared to the old compressor. The air separation system reduces the length of the piping system, thereby making the ice cycle shorter. 100% new pump system is made of iNox 304 with technology specially set for Viet An ice-making machine. With the above advantages, VietAn’s new 100% IVA ice machine is always more energy efficient than the ice machine on the market.

When using Viet An industrial ice machine, customers’ payback time will be faster. If the customer uses ice machine with old technology, compressor and some old components, it will be difficult to ensure that the machine does not have a problem, the customer will waste time, cost and effort. long payback period and the quality of ice cubes will not be guaranteed. Viet An expects that customers will be smart consumers put their faith in the right place, so that the money you spend is responded with the best quality products.

In addition, when you buy a 0.4 tons ice cube making machine, you will also get a free packaging system with the advantages of fast and convenient process for quick ice making, this is the equipment you need so customers will not spend Charges incurred for this device.

Please contact Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company today to own the best 100% New IVA0.4T 400KG industrial ice cube machine. We guarantee our commitment to providing you with an ice machine. Ensuring quality and conforming standards for consumer health. It is your trust that is the greatest joy for us. Viet An is pleased to accompany you!