IVA0.6T ice making machine 100% New

IVA0.6T ice making machine is 100% New of products applied advanced technology 2020 produced by Viet An.

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Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam specializing in importing, manufacturing and distributing machines such as: filling machine, bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing machine, pure water filtration line or industrial ice making machine with diverse capacities. The machine is manufactured on state-of-the-art technological lines in the United States, so the quality of the product is safe and has great performance, reducing the costs of saving maximum energy.

Refer to the price of mini-ice machine from Viet An: https://vietan.vn/may-lam-da-vien This is all ice machines made by Viet An. IVA0.6T 600KG ice cube making machine 100%  new specializes in producing tubular ice cubes with a capacity of up to 600KG in 24 hours. Applied in processing fields, restaurants or supermarkets, fast food shops, schools, bars …

Viet An industrial ice making machine is your first choice

Nearly 20 years of construction and development in the water industry. Viet An is currently one of the most prestigious units with high technology experience and expertise specializing in the manufacture and installation of ice cube production systems, industrial refrigeration equipment, pure water treatment systems, filling lines, bottle blowing machines, bottle blowing … We have developed technology on the basis of advanced techniques of American, European and Japanese industries. Viet An has won many prestigious awards, high-quality certificates from competent agencies such as :

– Viet An is honored to receive the Gold Medal of high-quality Vietnamese goods in 2009.

– Viet An was honored to receive Vietnam Leading Brand Gold Medal in 2015.

– Also in 2015, Viet An was honored to achieve ISO 9001: 2015 international standard.

– Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company Representing Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises to attend the meeting, and receive the certificate of merit from President Truong Tan Sang on January 12, 2016.

– Viet An Company was honored to receive certificates of merit for businesses with good achievements in the fight against fake goods, poor quality goods on November 29, 2016.

– Viet An Joint Stock Company is honored to be one of the top 100 companies in Vietnam to receive the certificate of merit by President Tran Dai Quang on January 7, 2017.

– Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is honored to receive the Gold Cup on January 8, 2017 in the ceremony of honoring “Enterprise of integration and development”

– Viet An was officially recognized as a member of Hanoi Association of Supporting Industries Business Association on October 2, 2018.

– Viet An was honored to receive the Gold Cup and the certificate of Thang Long gold brand – Typical Entrepreneur On November 18, 2018

– Viet An  General Trading Joint Stock Company was honored to receive the certificate of merit from Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc for the individuals collectives who have made outstanding achievements in implementing the 7th Central Resolution of the 7th term on November 26, 2018.

Viet An launches IVA0.6T 600KG  ice-making machine suitable the business needs of each small and medium enterprise.

The preeminent features that industrial ice machine offers customers

Modern technology

The ice making machine is manufactured based on components imported from countries with advanced economies such as the US, Europe or Japan. Because these countries have the most modern machinery technology so its quality and performance are always at the forefront of all time.

We say no to counterfeit goods, guaranteed genuine delivery. If customers detect counterfeit goods provided by Viet An, we will refund 100%. With modern technology of the United States in 2020, our equipment and devices are all energy saving,  reducing a large of costs for businesses

Luxurious and delicate design

One of the factors that attracts customers here is that the ice machine has an elegant appearance and high aesthetics thanks to the use of stainless steel so the machine always looks shiny in your space. Stainless steel also makes cleaning easy. Increasing resistance to impact, ensuring aesthetics and durability.

Warranty and maintenance is the best

All products have a long-term warranty of up to 12 months and lifetime maintenance for the machine. With a team of highly specialized technicians will help customers peace of mind when the machine needs warranty maintenance at home. Surely you are extremely satisfied with our customer service. Warranty and maintenance period is quick.

Modern technology is applied in IVA0.6T – 600kg industrial ice cube machines

The liquid air separation system is unique to Viet An ice making machine

IVA0.6T ice making machine is equipped with the latest liquid air separation system – the technology is applied only in the ice making machine of Viet An in 2020. With the advantage of helping the ice making process take place quickly and protect the compressor from infection, protect the compressor to improve the service life of the machine. Thanks to this technology, the pipe of the industrial ice cube machine is also designed more neatly and modernly. Ice making cycle is also greatly reduced, helping the unit save time and monthly costs.

The compressor is 100% new

Viet An sets 100% new compressor exclusively for an IVA0.6T ice making machine, this new technology is unique to Viet An. With this latest technology, ice making machine works stably and has a long life. Strict quality testing before being put to use. The use of the new compressor is to control the cooling capacity of the ice machine. Controlling and saving power consumption for you, using a new compressor helps the life of the equipment more durable, longer ensures the temperature and keeps the cooling system stable, helping the ice maker 600KG industrial park works smoothly, runs smoothly, makes less noise.

Import stop valve

Block valves, using imported valves – Not a manual valve made in Vietnam as some other manufacturers of 600KG ice making machines made.

Cooling tower imported CBU

The cooling tower of 600KG industrial ice making machine has the function of cooling the system by water and a fan. This device has the effect of reducing the temperature of the ice water source by separating the water source and bringing that heat out to the outside. Components of the cooling tower include frame and body of the tower, filler, air inlet, cold water tank, water shield, fan, each part will be heat-treated individually to carry out the process of 600KG ice machine quickly and efficiently.

Condensation imported

Condenser 100% new imported. It is a device that plays an important role in the 600KG industrial ice making machine, with the function of the condenser that is condensing gas from gas to liquid form. As directed by the supplier, customers should pay attention to cleaning the condenser at least once a month due to the condenser or limestone residue, if not cleaned, the heat exchange process will be reduced.

Automatic electrical system

The electrical system of ice making machine with 600KG automatically only need to operate a button toggles, automatic protection relay system, automatic time relay system, etc. to help ice making machine, self defrost and Automatic disconnection in all cases of electrical problems. The operator only has to do one simple task of selling the stone without having to touch the ice directly like traditional ice so there will be no risk of osteoarthritis disease.

System of load bucket motor, ice cutter

The system of bucket load motor and ice cutter used are 100% new for Viet An 600KG IVA0.6T ice cube making machines. At the moment you notice the market is all old motor and old knife has been refurbished.

Exclusive components only Viet An industrial ice machine available

Photos of Viet An’s exclusive components

With the above advantages, Viet An 100% new industrial IVA ice machine is always more economical than an ice-making machine on the market.

To be able to produce ice machine 600KG in particular and other IVA ice machines in general. Viet An company we had to explore, research to design exclusive components. Set to be made exclusively for Viet An ice-making machine. Making our 600KG industrial ice machine is always more special than other 600KG ice machines on the market.


Auxiliary equipment of industrial ice making machine 600KG IVA0.6T buy more

Water filtration system for industrial ice making machine 600KG IVA0.6T

Specifications water filtration system for IVA0.6T 600KG

 industrial ice machine



Filter capacity (m3 / 24h)




Electrical Power (kw / h)


Voltage (V)


Weight (kg)


Price (USD)


Packing system

Packing system: In order to create beautiful clean ice bags that are delivered to customers, you can not but have a fast and convenient packing system. When buying ice machine 600KG iNox 100% new, customers will be given a packing system, so there is no cost incurred for this device.

600KG ice cube machine is manufactured at Viet An’s factory in Quang Minh industrial zone, Me Linh, Hanoi. In 2020, ice making machine has made many new breakthroughs in technology, saving ice making time, saving arising costs, and especially saving electricity for businesses, monthly business units. Businesses can save ten millions of money when using this model, ensuring that the machine is less likely to have trouble thanks to these completely new technologies. This is the answer to the reason why the IVA series in Viet An has a higher price than other models. Although a bit more expensive, but in return for long, stable operation, cost savings for businesses, in the long run this is a worthwhile plan for customers to invest and will surely earn a profit.

Managing quality according to the strictest ISO9001-2015 international standards, being distributed at Viet An branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hue, Da Nang and Exported to Asean countries. Viet An commits our 0.6T ice cube making machine to ensure the best quality in Vietnam for many years and to ensure the best price.

Note when operating  IVA0.6T 600KG industrial ice making machine 

600KG new industrial stainless steel ice cube making machine is fully equipped with intelligent control buttons, so you need to learn how to use and know the types of alerts to fix the problem in time.

In order to avoid having to buy low-quality counterfeit goods on the market, customers should pay attention when buying the machine at reputable quality addresses! To be able to buy Viet An’s 100KG IVA 0.6T iNox ice machine, 100% of Viet An’s customers should pay attention only to directly deal with Viet An at specific branch addresses, or contact directly. our hotline number: 0949.41.41.41, to be able to buy genuine ice machine and be advised to choose the ice machine model that best suits your business model. Thank you for choosing Viet An products.