IVA12T ice making machine 100% New

IVA12T 12 tons industrial ice making machine 100% New is the best quality market in Vietnam.

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Ice cubes today have become an indispensable part of daily life for refreshment on hot days. As a result, the demand for ice cubes has been increasing since then, and the establishments producing ice cubes have grown like mushrooms to supply beverage businesses, restaurants, and so on. This is a lucrative market for ice production units, so you have to find yourself a quality, high productivity ice cube machine to serve uninterrupted summer days. We would like to introduce the new 100% IVA12T ice cube making machine that will surely satisfy customers.

In order to serve the increasingly hot weather and especially at the peak time of up to 40 ° C, the using ice will lead to overload if used only so we have to depend on the supply from the ice trading facilities external retail, will make you in a passive situation, affecting production and business activities of the establishment owner. So why not be more proactive, when you invest 12 tons of quality and high-performance industrial ice cube making machine. Coming to Viet An, you will have more choices, moreover, Viet An is one of the leading units in selling ice machines in Southeast Asia.

IVA12T12 tons Ice making machine 100% New of Viet An

Viet An is currently one of the manufacturers, importers, distributors RO purified water filtration lines and iNox industrial ice machines of the United States standard, we bring the following products: High-quality products, the most advanced. Products assembled and managed according to the most stringent ISO 9001: 2015 international standard, Viet An 12 tons ice machine will be able to provide the coolest and purest ice.

In order to produce the best quality ice to consumers, the ice trading units must also buy themselves a reputable quality ice-making machine. Viet An is the only company in the Vietnamese market that can supply 100% new ice making machine, so the quality can completely guarantee all the most stringent requirements of customers.

We provide good quality ice maker machines, are committed to selling genuine goods at the best prices in the market. Our ice making machine is 100% new, unlike other machines on the market that use old components to install the machines. In addition, it also uses the best technology transferred from the United States to the ice making machine is operated in the most stable. That’s why our 12-ton ice machine costs less than ice-making machines that use old components to assemble on the market. Our ice machine is 100% new and will have the best price for our customers. Let’s learn a bit about Viet An 12 ton ice making machine!

Some advantages of IVA12T – 12 tons stainless steel ice tube making machine is only in Viet An

Compressors (lock) – 100% new

Being at the forefront of producing ice cube making machines in Vietnam, we are committed to our customers using compressor 100% new and specially designed by Viet An for 12 ton ice machine. Currently on the Vietnamese market, only the ice-making machine of Viet An has a 100% new compressor. This factory has undergone an extremely rigorous quality control process. It is manufactured on fully automatic CNC system, cutting, stamping, automatic molding. It is then transferred to the high-pressure testing section of the compressor. This unit uses the best high pressure testing technology in the world imported from Germany. To check each compressor with absolute accuracy, there is no small error.

The electronic valve system of the compressor is imported by Danfoss Finland.

liquid – air separation system is completely new technology

The liquid air separation system is one of Viet An’s great strides in separating the air into two separate lines, It is only available in the IVA12T 12 tons industrial ice-making machine. The compressor used for ice machine is an air compressor. So the compressor pushing out must be air and suck in must also be air. The compressor pushing out must be hot gas and suck in must be cold air. Therefore, So the air suction is not contaminated with liquid (oil or water). With this part of the ice tube machine tube will be designed more neatly and the operation cycle takes place faster. Ensuring that compressor will achieve the longest life, avoid damage and it is important thanks to this unit that customers will reduce ice making time – reduce electricity costs. You just look at the machines on the market, you see. The pipeline of ice-making machines on the market is longer than Viet An ice machine pipes.

Some causes damage to the compressor

Thanks to the liquid – air separation system with only Viet An’s ice-making machine. The liquid – air separation system of Viet An has the ability to separate the liquid to the liquid route and separate the air to the air route. Causes the compressor not to be infected solution. Helps compressor without errors and the life of the compressor is much higher

The condenser and cooling tower

Photo of Condenser for ice making machine

Photo of the cooling tower

Components of condenser and cooling towers used in 12-tons ice making machine of Viet An are imported and produced directly by Viet An so the price and quality are always the best in the market.

Automatic electrical system

Electricity system for Viet An ice making machine is programmed completely automatically. Ensuring the ice machine operates smoothly in one button. Automatically disconnects when a problem occurs. You can completely rest assured about the electric part of the ice-making machine made by Viet An. To be able to operate effectively you must have 380V 3-phase power.

Inox 304 water pumping system

Currently on the ice machine market is using cast iron pumps, the price is always cheaper than Viet An ice making machine. Pump system for Viet An ice machine made of 304 stainless steel is imported exclusively from Viet An. Currently, only Viet An’s 12 ton ice cube machine uses 304 stainless steel pump, so its durability is much higher than that of cast iron.

Motor, packing system ice cutter

With the 12-tons ice-making machine IVA12T of Viet An.  The motor system, packing system, ice cutter system are 100% new. Unlike the ice-making machines sold on the market, they use the old motor and old ice cutter.

Exclusive components only available at Viet An ice-making machines

Photos of exclusive components of Viet An

In order to produce a 12-tons ice tube machine in particular and other IVA ice machines in general. Viet An company had to explore and research to design exclusive components. Being ordered separately for ice-making machines of Viet An. As a result, our 12-tons ice-making machine is always more special than other 10-tons ice-making machines on the market.

High-quality stop valve system for IVA12T ice tube making machine 12 tons

Photo of high-quality stop valve system for IVA ice tube making machine

The difference between Viet An IVA12T 12 tons industrial ice machine compared to the industrial ice making machine line on the market is that the machine is made up of 100% new components and accessories while the ice machine on the market often uses second-hand parts or old equipment. New equipment, new technology, the ability to save electricity will be a lot better.

With the above advantages, the IVA ice-making machine 100% new of Viet An always saves electricity than the ice-making machine in the market. . You can compare an old ice-making machine and a new ice making machine within 2 years of the cost of the old ice machine + 2 years of electricity costs will be equal or greater than the price of a new ice machine + 2 years of electricity. That is not to mention the errors that the ice machine using the old equipment components encountered! If lucky 2 years without error. Then in the third year, the new machine was better than the old one, right? So we recommend our customers to use 100% new Viet An ice making machine.

 In addition, you are also offered a packaging system

Packing system: fast and convenient, this is the advantage of the packaging system, so that the process of fastening ice is the device you need. When purchasing 10-tons inox ice tube making machine 100% new of customers will be rewarded with a packaging system so there is no cost incurred for this device.

If you still want to choose ice-making machine using an old compressor, there is no system for separating gas, old condenser, old pump and other old components, you can also see here: https: // locnuocvietan. vn / san-pham-viet-an / may-lam-da-vien /

Auxiliary equipment of 12-tons ice-making machine IVA12T buy more

Cold storage

Specifications of cold storage for 12 tons ice tube making machine IVA12T

Cold storage for storage ice



Volume (m3)


Storage size (mm)


Power (kW/h)


Voltage (V)


Outdoor unit (HP)


Indoor unit (HP)

2-layer cold white foam coated panel




Price (USD)



Water filtration system for ice making machines

Specifications of water filtration system for 12-tons ice-making machine IVA12T



Filter capacity (m3/ 24h)




Power (kW / h)


Voltage (V)


Weight (kg)


Price (USD)



Introducing about Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Viet An Trading CO, LTD, was equitized from August 2009. Viet An is a company, an enterprise specializing in manufacturing, importing, exporting and distributing industrial ice making machine, mini ice machine, bottle blowing machine, jar blowing machine, washing machine, filling machine, water filtration line and a lot of other products with  VA, USApec, Vinaro brands is No. 1 in Vietnam.

Nearly 20 years of development and growth, Viet An has achieved great achievements & continuously developed, fulfilled its mission to customers, contributed significantly to Vietnam’s industrial machinery industry and ASEAN countries. With these achievements, Viet An has been honored to receive many worthy awards such as:

– Gold Medal Vietnam high quality 2009

– Typical entrepreneur 2015

– Leading brand in Vietnam 2015

– VATAP 2016 members

– Enterprise integration and development in 2016

– Certificate of Merit VATAP 2016

– Certified prestigious brand Apce of the United States in 2016

– Excellent brand in 3 regions in 2017

– Received Golden Lotus Cup in 2009

– Entrepreneur of the year

– 1/2017 Received the certificate of Enterprise integration and development in 2016

– 12/01/2016 State President Truong Tan Sang presents a medal to Mr. Nguyen Khac Diep

– 7/1/2017 President Tran Dai Quang presents a medal to Mr. Nguyen Khac Diep

– Top 100 leading brands in Vietnam 2015

– Entrepreneurship Cup for integration and development in 2016

– Excellent Brand Cup of 3 regions in 2017

When buying IVA12T 12 Tons industrial ice making machine you should pay attention

– Determine what type of ice (size of ice) you need to use

– Determine the amount of ice used in each day:

– Using technology cooled by water or by air

– Identify accessories attached

  Identify manual ice cube and pure ice cubes

When testing the quality of the company shows: We can distinguish pure ice with manual ice if we take a little hard to notice:

+ Normal ice cubes: When completely dissolved to leave sediment, opaque dirty.

+ Pure ice cubes: Put into the cup of water is still transparent, can see through to the other side. When dissolved, the water is clear like mineral water.

+ Pure ice will melt 4-5 times longer than manual ice.


What will you get when you buy 12 tons IVA12T industrial ice cube making machine of Viet An

– Come to Viet An today so you can receive special promotions for customers such as discounts for all ice cube making machines.

– Attentive, enthusiastic customer service – free installation as well as transportation service of ice machine 12 tons, with many attractive gifts. As bundled with packaging system, reduce costs when buying cold storage, water filtration lines ….

– When customers need support, our company staff will enthusiastically answer customers’ questions about how to operate as well as useful information when using the 12 tons ice machine product quickly.

– 1 year warranty service, long-term maintenance, the fastest warranty period for all customers across the country.

More than 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distribution of our Company, constantly innovating and developing, products of  IVA12T 12-tons stainless steel ice cube making machines 100% New and always be favored and trusted by customers throughout Vietnam. Please contact us at Hotline: 0949.41.41.41 for details.