IVA25T ice making machine 100% New

Viet An would like to introduce the IVA25T 25 tons new industrial ice making machine 100% new number one in Viet Nam market.

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The  IVA25T stainless steel ice machine 100% new can supply 25 tons of ice per day to meet the large demand ice market. Viet An ice machine is manufactured on the most advanced technological line in the United States to bring customers a large number of ice cubes. You can feel secure when using our ice cube maker because it produces the purest and safest ice products.

IVA25T 25 ton industrial ice making  machine New 100% New

Today the market for ice cubes is becoming more and more exciting because of the long hot summer days. There are many companies competing to sell ice-making products, but their sources are unknown. IVA25T iNox ice machine is 100% new and the latest technology 2020 is one of the best quality products in Vietnam market provided by Viet An. We always affirm our position in the market of ice machine. Our products are always ranked No. 1 and create impressive, certain beliefs for consumers. Coming to Viet An, we are committed to providing you with superior products in terms of quality but still ensure the best price factors.

The customers who are in need of learning about 25 tons ice making machine are definitely those who have owned the ice business establishment right? These facilities cannot provide ice cubes in the hot summer. Do you want an ice cube machine with a larger capacity to serve well, timely supply ice cubes to the market? Learn about the IVA25T 25 tons industrial ice cube machine 100% new of Viet An!

Currently, Viet An ice making machine is one of the best quality ice making machines on the market and has a good price. Why do we dare to confirm that our ice making machine is so good. We invite you to study with us about the IVA25T 25-ton ice cube machine to find out why the ice machine is so good.

The industrial ice machine 100% new means all equipment and components assembled for the 25 ton IVA25T industrial ice machine are new. Unlike other units, ice making machines are made up of old components and especially compressors which are quite important equipment in the ice machine, these units often use the past compressors used abroad for up to 10 years so the quality of ice making machine is not guaranteed. Unlike Viet An Company, we assure our customers that our compressors are not only 100% new compressors but also new accessories. We dare to confirm the service life of ice machine has a durability of up to 15 years.

One reason why Viet An’s machine price is higher than the market is because. The price of the new compressor will depend on the capacity of about 100 million units per unit. And the price of old compressors (used for 10 years in foreign countries and then imported to Vietnam) is only about 10 to 20 million. Only the new and old compressors have a difference of about VND 80 million. That is the main reason why Viet An 25A IVA25T ice machine is higher than the market.

During the manufacturing process, the continuity of the ice machine must be ensured to provide regular ice for the market. You can understand that the ice machines using the old components will have no guarantee of product durability. While manufacturing will cause errors that you can not provide enough ice for customers, you may lose a significant number of customers because maintenance of the machine to be able to operate again. But with Viet An ice making machine, you can be assured of the durability of the machine with the time you can produce continuous batches of ice to promptly serve customers.

For example: 1KG ice sells 500 VND, then 25000 * 500 = 12,500,000 VND as a small amount, isn’t it? if 1 day of faulty machine costs VND 12,500,000, 2 days of faulty machine is VND 25,000,000 The amount will be multiplied by the number of days of faulty machine.

So once you have used the 25-ton industrial ice cube making machine. Surely perseverance and stability will be the first priority, right?

The advantages of IVA25T – 25 tons stainless steel ice tube making machine is only in Viet An

Compressors (lock) – 100% new

The compressor used in the system of ice cube machines was specially set by Viet An for 25-ton ice cube making machines. Currently on the Vietnamese market, only the ice making machine of Viet An has a 100% new compressor. This factory has undergone an extremely rigorous quality control process. It is manufactured on fully automatic CNC system, cutting, stamping, automatic molding. It is then transferred to the high-pressure testing section of compressor. This unit uses the best high-pressure testing technology in the world imported from Germany. To check each compressor with absolute accuracy, there is no small error.

The electronic valve system of the compressor is imported by Danfoss Denmark.

The liquid – air separation system is completely new technology

The liquid air separation system is one of the technological breakthroughs. The system used to separate liquid and air into two different lines is only available in the 25-ton IVA25T industrial ice making machine 100% New. The compressor used for ice machine is air compressor. So the compressor must be gas and the suction must be air. The gas that is ejected is hot air and the air that is drawn in is cold air. Therefore, the inlet gas must not be contaminated with liquid (water or oil). With this part, the pipe of the ice maker machine will be designed more neatly and the operation cycle will take place faster. Ensuring the compressor will achieve the longest service life, avoid breakdowns and, importantly, thanks to this component, customers will reduce ice making time – reducing electricity costs. You just look at the 25-ton ice cube making machine on the market. The pipeline of ice machines on the market is guaranteed to be much longer than Viet An ice machine pipes.

This is the second reason why Viet An’s 100% new ice machine costs more than the old ice machine with the same capacity in the market. This system was studied by Viet An ice making machine engineers and placed exclusively with foreign countries. The price is certainly not cheap.

Some causes damage to the compressor

Thanks to the only liquid – airseparation system with only Viet An’s ice-making machine. The liquid air separation system of Viet An has the ability to separate the fluid to the fluid route and separate the air to the air line. Causes the compressor not to be infected solution. Helps compressor without errors and the life of the compressor is much higher

The condenser and cooling tower

Photo of the cooling tower

Components of condenser and cooling towers used in 25-tons ice making machine of Viet An are imported and produced directly by Viet An so the price and quality are always the best in the market.

Cooling tower helps transfer excess heat of the water to help cool quickly and save energy.

The number of condensers and cooling towers of Viet An imported from abroad in 1 year is very large! So the import price is also given the best price. But if the 25-ton ice making machine on the market uses the old condenser and old cooling tower, it will certainly be cheaper than the new condenser and cooling tower imported by Viet An.

Automatic electrical system

The electrical system for Viet An’s 25-ton IVA25T ice machine is programmed fully automatically. inox ice machine 100% new – IVA25T has an automatic electrical system that helps the machine operate the entire process of ice making, automatically disconnects when there is an electrical problem, automatically adjusts ice making time to have satisfied hollow ice. You should also note that in order to an ice-making machine is operated in the best way, customers need to install 3-phase electricity – 380V.

Inox 304 water pumping system

The water pump system for Viet An ice making machine is made of 304 stainless steel and is imported exclusively by Viet An. At present, only 25-tons ice-making machines of Viet An use 304 stainless steel pump. Other ice-making machines on the market use pump made of cast iron so the price will always be cheaper. It means lower durability

Motor, packing system, ice cutter

With the 25-tons ice-making machine IVA25T of Viet An.  The motor system, packing system, ice cutter system are 100% new. Unlike the ice-making machines sold on the market, they use the old motor and old ice cutter.

Exclusive components only available at Viet An ice-making machines

Photos of exclusive components of Viet An

Through research and learning, we have succeeded in designing exclusive components for Viet An ice machine to produce 25-ton ice machine in particular and ice machines. Other IVA in general. So our IVA25T 25-ton ice cube making machines are always more special than other 25-ton ice machines on the market.

High-quality stop valve system for IVA25T ice tube making machine 25 tons

Photo of high-quality stop valve system for IVA ice tube making machine

Above are the advantages of only 25-tons ice making machine of Viet An! Why the cost of 25-tons ice making machine of Viet An is higher than other 25-tons ice machines on the market. All components of the 25-tons ice making machine are 100% new, we do not use old equipment. New equipment, new technology machines, the ability to save electricity will be much better.

You can compare the old ice machine and the new ice machine in 2 years as you can see that the price of an old ice machine + 2 years of electricity costs will be equal to or greater than the price of a new ice machine + 2 years of electricity. That is not to mention the errors that the ice machine using the old equipment components encountered! If lucky 2 years without error. Then in the third year, the new machine was better than the old one, right? Choose Viet An’s new ice making machine IVA or choose an ice-making machine using old parts is your choice.
 In addition, you are also offered a packaging system

Packing system: fast and convenient, this is the advantage of the packaging system, so that the process of fastening ice is the device you need. When purchasing 25-tons inox ice tube making machine 100% new of customers will be rewarded with a packaging system so there is no cost incurred for this device.

If you still want to choose ice-making machine using an old compressor, there is no system for separating gas, old condenser, old pump and other old components, you can also see here: https: // locnuocvietan. vn / san-pham-viet-an / may-lam-da-vien /

Auxiliary equipment of 25-tons ice-making machine IVA25T buy more

Cold storage

Specifications of cold storage for 25 tons ice tube making machine IVA25T



Volume (m3)


Storage size (mm)


Power (kw/h)


Voltage (V)


Outdoor unit (HP)


Indoor unit (HP)

2-layer cold white foam coated panel




Price (USD)


Water filtration system for ice making machines

Specifications of water filtration system for 25-tons ice-making machine IVA25T



Filter capacity (m3 / 24h)




Power (kW / h)


Voltage (V)


Weight (kg)


Price (USD)


Introducing about Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Viet An Trading CO, LTD, was equitized from August 2009. Viet An is a company, an enterprise specializing in manufacturing, importing, exporting and distributing industrial ice making machine, mini ice machine, bottle blowing machine, jar blowing machine, washing machine, filling machine, water filtration line and a lot of other products with  VA, USApec, Vinaro brands is No. 1 in Vietnam.

Viet An core values:

Quality Accessible – Cooperative spirit – Dynamic – Advanced technology and reasonable price – Responsibility

With nearly 20 years of formation and trying constantly developing. Viet An Company has received many medals, certificates of merit, certificates of merit from the State, the Prime Minister, and the President of Vietnam. Some Viet An awards have been achieved such as:

In 2009, Viet An Company was very honoured to receive the Gold Medal of High-Quality Vietnamese Goods.

In 2015 Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company honoured to receive the gold medal of the leading brand in Vietnam.

Also in 2015 Viet An brand certification was honoured to achieve ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

January 12, 2016, Viet An Representing the Vietnam Small and Medium Business Association to attend the meeting, to announce the New Year’s greetings and receive a certificate of merit from President Truong Tan Sang.

On November 29, 2016, Viet An General Trading Joint StockCompany was honoured to receive certificates of merit for enterprises with good achievements in anti-counterfeiting, counterfeit goods and poor quality goods.

January 7, 2017, Viet An Company is very honoured to achieve the top 100 companies in Vietnam to receive the certificate of merit from President Tran Dai Quang.

Viet An we are honoured to receive the gold cup on January 8, 2017, in honour of “Enterprise integration and development”

On October 2, 2016, Viet An was officially recognized as a member of Ha Noi Association for Supporting Industries

On November 18, 2016, Viet An was honoured to receive a gold cup and a certificate of Thang Long gold brand – Entrepreneur of 2018.

On November 26, 2016, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company was honoured to receive the certificate of merit from Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc for individual collectives with outstanding achievements in implementing the Central Resolution of 7th session.

Some big customers of Viet An

Being trusted and selected by the leading corporations in Vietnam, we have participated in and won many state-invested bidding packages and the bidding packages invested from private corporations’ capital with projects like:

This confirms the position and trust of customers for Viet An. In addition to industrial machines, we also provide and distribute, support and consult the installation of ice making lines, filling machine lines, etc. for restaurants, luxurious hotels, industrial parks and schools, hospital nationwide

Refer to the price from mini to industry ice machine of Viet An: https://vietan.vn/may-lam-da-vien these are all ice machines made by Viet An.

Customers need to buy Viet An’s  IVA25T- industrial ice making machine 100% new , please contact 0949.41.41.41 to be served.