IVA5T ice making machine 100% New

5-ton stainless steel ice cube making machine exported 100% new of Viet An applied technology from the United States to help you save power on the market with the best price.

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IVA5T ice making machine of Viet An is a kind of machine capable of quick cooling to save energy and stable performance. Ice making machine is suitable for small and medium enterprises who want to produce their own quality ice to serve production as well as supply to the market which is becoming more and more exciting today. To own the best quality ice making machine, come to Viet An today, you can choose the most suitable ice making machine for you! Today, the production of ice cubes is a “hot” industry in the market with high profitability and quick capital recovery.

Refer to the price of mini-ice machine from Viet An to industry: https://vietan.vn/may-lam-da-vien here are all ice making machines manufactured by Viet An.

Like many other models of Viet An, the 5-ton IVA5T industrial ice machine is meticulously designed and applied the best quality components from many countries around the world. Especially not only using components with famous global brands, but Viet An also commits to customers on quality control issues, ensuring good durability of products. Here are some advantages of the 5 ton stainless steel ice cube machine system widely used on the market today.

 5 tons stainless steel industrial ice cube making machine for export

About Viet An, the company supplies 5tons IVA5T industrial ice making machine

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company was formerly known as Viet An General Trading and General Company. Equitized since September 2009. Our company specializes in manufacturing, importing, distributing ice cube maker, water filtration line, bottle blowing machine, filling machine and many other products under the VA, USApec, Vinaro brands No. 1 Vietnam.

Nearly 20 years of construction and development, along with the efforts of Viet An has reaped a lot of certificates of merit, certificates of merit, medals awarded by the State, the Prime Minister, and the President of Vietnam. Viet An is pleased to present a number of awards achieved.

IVA5T industrial ice making machine 100% new

  5 Tons Exported industrial ice cube making machine specializes in producing tubular ice cubes, various sizes of ice with a capacity of up to 5 tons in 24 hours. Specialized applications in the processing field, restaurant or supermarket, fast food stores, schools, etc.

Viet An’s 5-tons Stainless Steel ice cube making machine is researched and manufactured by Viet An Company. This is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam specializing in importing and distributing production machines, pure water filtration lines or industrial ice machines with a variety of capacity with safe and quality products. Great performance greatly reduces costs and saves maximum power

Advantages only available in inox ice making machine for export IVA5T – 5 tons of Viet An:

Imported compressors – 100% new only available in Viet An

The compressor used in Viet An’s 5-ton ice tube machine is a 100% new compressor. Viet An ordered separately for an ice-making machine by Viet An. Currently, in the Vietnam market, only Viet An’s ice-making machine has 100% new compressor. This compressor has been extremely strict quality testing. It is manufactured on fully automatic CMC system, auto-cutting, auto- stamping, auto-moulding. It is then transferred to the high-pressure test unit of the compressor. This unit uses the best high-pressure testing technology in the world imported from Germany. In order to test each compressor with absolute precision without error.

The electronic valve system of compressors is imported from Danfoss Finland.

liquid – air separation system is only available in 5-ton ice-making machine IVA5T 100% new

Compressors used for ice-making machines are air compressors. So the compressor pushing out must be air and suck in must also be air. The compressor pushing out must be hot gas and suck in must be cold air. Therefore, So the air suction is not contaminated with liquid (oil or water). If the air is absorbed into the fluid, it will lead to a reduction in the durability of the compressor.

Some causes damage to the compressor

Infection of the solution causes the coil to burn.

Infection of the solution into a broken leaf valve.

Infection of the solution to break the connecting rod

Infection of the solution makes the oil foamy, not guaranteed.

Infection of the solution causes the compressor to not be distributed evenly in the internal system. Infection of fluids to other parts.

Thanks to the only liquid – air separation system with only Viet An’s ice-making machine. The air separation system of Viet An has the ability to separate the fluid to the fluid route and separate the air to the air line. Causes the compressor not to be infected solution. Helps compressor without errors and the life of the compressor is much higher.

The condenser and cooling tower

Components of condenser and cooling towers used in 5-tons ice making machine of Viet An are imported and produced directly by Viet An so the price and quality are always the best in the market.

Automatic electrical system

Electricity system for Viet An ice making machine is programmed completely automatically. Ensuring the ice machine operates smoothly in one button. Automatically disconnects when a problem occurs. You can completely rest assured about the electric part of the ice-making machine made by Viet An. If you want to set up your own electrical system with TLC programming, you can buy more.

Inox 304 water pumping system

The water pump system for Viet An ice making machine is made of 304 stainless steel and is imported exclusively by Viet An. At present, only 5-tons ice-making machines of Viet An use 304 stainless steel pump. Other ice-making machines on the market use pump made of cast iron so the price will always be cheaper.

Motor,  packing system, ice cutter

With the 5-tons ice-making machine IVA5T of Viet An.  The motor system, packing system, ice cutter system are 100% new. Unlike the ice-making machines sold on the market, they use the old motor and old ice cutter.

Exclusive components only available at Viet An ice-making machines

Photos of exclusive components of Viet An

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company has researched and explored to design components suitable for general ice machines and 5 tons industrial ice machines in general. Set to be made exclusively for Viet An ice machine. Making our 5 ton ice cube making machine always special than other 5 ton ice machine on the market. Manufactured on state-of-the-art technological lines in the United States helps the machine operate smoothly and save maximum power.

High-quality stop valve system for IVA5T 5 tons ice cube making machine.

Photo of a high-quality stop valve system for IVA ice tube making machine

In addition, you are also offered a packaging system

Packing system: for quick freezing process to produce clean and eye-catching quality ice bags, you need a packaging system. When buying 5 tons of iNox ice block making machine, 100% new customers will be given a packaging system, so there is no cost incurred for this device.

If you still want to choose ice machine using old compressor, liquid air separation system, old condenser, old pump and other old components, you can also see more here: https: // locnuocvietan. vn / san-pham-viet-an / may-lam-da-vien /

Auxiliary equipment of  IVA5T 5-tons ice-making machine buy more

Cold storage

Specifications of cold storage for IVA5T  5 tons ice tube making machine

Cold storage for storage ice



Volume (m3)


Storage size (mm)


Power (kw/h)


Voltage (V)


Outdoor unit (HP)


Indoor unit (HP)

2-layer cold white foam coated panel




Price (USD)


Water filtration system for ice making machines

Specifications of water filtration system for IVA5T 5-tons ice-making machine

Water filtration system RO



Filter capacity (m3 / 24h)




Power (kw / h)


Voltage (V)


Weight (kg)


Price (USD)


IVA5T ice making machine is the latest energy-saving technology from the United States. The machine is made of 100% new components, so the machine is more durable than the other models on the market.

You can compare the first two years of operation of an old and new ice machine! About 2 years, the cost of old equipment and 2 years of electricity costs are equal to or greater than the price of new equipment and 2 years of electricity cost. Not to mention that with the old machine generation there are many errors during use, but for the new machine you will definitely not encounter. Sang to the 3rd year, you see the new machine is much more economical than the old one, right?

With the above advantages, Viet An’s new 100% IVA ice making machine is always more energy efficient than the ice machine on the market. Choose an ice-making machine 100% new from Viet An!

Products of pure ice making machine with a capacity of 5 tons / 24h manufactured by Viet An Company, when put into operation, have high stability, durability and continuity. The components of the ice machine are imported from well-known countries in the world such as Germany, Korea, Japan… Together with the water purification line and the cold storage system to preserve the finished ice products, when they release, they achieve high criteria for food safety and hygiene systems. Does not contain substances harmful to consumers’ health, so users appreciate it.

Viet An is a reliable choice for customers who want to use IVA5T – 5 tons of stainless steel ice cube making machine. Contact the hotline right now: 0949.41.41.41 to own the best IVA5T 5-ton ice cube making machine on the market.