IVA9T ice making machine 100% new

IVA9T 9 tons stainless steel industrial ice cube making machine adopts new US technology to save energy, which is being sold at the best price in the market.

Collective photo of employees of Viet An Company

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company launched the new 9-ton IVA9T industrial ice making machine with the best quality in the market. Products that the machine creates clean and safe ice cubes not only reduce the costs of buying ice outside. Helping customers feel secure about the quality of their own ice, which meets the 6-1-2010 standards of the Ministry of Health. Ice making machine of Viet An helps you to pay back quickly.

Not only that, but the export ice machine IVA9T – 9 Ton also exported capable of operating over 10 years will help you profit many times the original value of the product. Nowadays, when food hygiene and safety issues are more and more focused, hygiene and environmental pollution are increasing. Finding yourself an IVA9T – 9 ton ice cube machine that meets performance and hygiene standards is not easy.  This article will help customers with the most accurate option!

IVA9T – 9 ton stainless steel ice cube making machine has been designed by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company with simple, compact size, high aesthetics; energy-saving, full replacement equipment, easy to find, machine running smoothly without noise. And especially the simple operation should not require skilled workers; High durability so the cost of repair, maintenance and maintenance is low.

Details of IVA9T 9-ton ice-making machine 100% new 

IVA9T 9 tons New Industrial ice-making machine 100% new is one of the most modern equipments currently manufactured using the latest US technology. Manufactured and assembled at Viet An’s factory in Vietnam. All the components and equipment that make up the ice machine are of extremely good quality and are 100% new. The service life of the 9-ton IVA9T ice making machine is durable with a lifetime of up to 15 years. The machine has the best quality on the market that no other unit has. 100% new products, the price is also slightly higher than the ice machine on the market.

Explaining this, we invite you to find out why IVA9T new industrial ice machine of 100% Viet An has a higher price than the market!

Export IVA9T 9-ton ice making making machine includes main components such as ice cutting knife, defrosting chute, ice mold, pipe components, ice water tank, charging bucket and cold mortar in the system are used Use of material 304 Stainless Steel New 100%. Helps the machine completely rust free from time to time to use, clean the machine easily, saving power consumption costs should reduce many other costs incurred.

The advantages of IVA9T – 9 tons stainless steel ice tube making machine is only in Viet An

Viet An’s 9-ton ice tube making machine is the only machine on the market manufactured by brand new components.

Compressors (lock) – 100% New

100% new compressor technology is completely applied to only 9 tons of Viet An industrial clean ice-making machine. This is a product specially set by Viet An according to the latest technology to help the machine operate stably to achieve the longest life span. Manufactured on fully automated CNC systems, automatic cutting, stamping, and molding. It is then transferred to the high-pressure testing section of the compressor. This unit uses the best high pressure testing technology in the world imported from Germany. Strict quality testing before being put to use

The liquid – air separation system is completely new technology

The 9-ton industrial clean ice machine is also equipped with the latest technology – liquid air separation system in 2020 only available in Viet An. With the advantage of helping the process of creating ice go quickly and protect the compressor from infection. Thanks to this technology, the pipes of the clean ice making machine are also designed more neatly and more modernly. Ice making cycle is also greatly reduced, helping the unit save time and monthly costs.

The condenser and cooling tower

Photo condenser for ice making machine

Components of condenser and cooling towers used in 9-tons ice making machine of Viet An are imported and produced directly by Viet An so the price and quality are always the best in the market.

Automatic electrical system

Electricity system for Viet An ice making machine is programmed completely automatically. Ensuring the ice machine operates smoothly in one button. Automatically disconnects when a problem occurs. You can completely rest assured about the electric part of the ice-making machine made by Viet An.

Inox 304 water pumping system

The water pump system for Viet An ice making machine is made of 304 stainless steel and is imported exclusively by Viet An. At present, only 9-tons ice-making machines of Viet An use 304 stainless steel pump. Other ice-making machines on the market use pump made of cast iron so the price will always be cheaper. It means lower durability

Motor, packing system, ice cutter

With the 9-tons ice-making machine IVA9T of Viet An.  The motor system, packing system, ice cutter system are 100% new. Unlike the ice-making machines sold on the market, they use the old motor and old ice cutter.

Exclusive components only available at Viet An ice-making machines

Photos of exclusive components of Viet An

During the manufacturing process, we always explore and research to find exclusive components to assemble into ice machines bearing Viet An brand ice machine, 9 tons ice machine in particular and IVA ice machines in general. Set to be made exclusively for Viet An ice machine. Making our 9-ton ice making machine is always more special than the other 9 tons ice machines on the market.

High-quality stop valve system for IVA9T ice tube making machine 9 tons

Photo of high-quality stop valve system for IVA ice tube making machine

These are some of the latest typical technologies of Viet An ice making machine, when an ice cube machine has applied this technology will help customers get the best quality products, save energy and significant costs. , these technologies are exclusive to Viet An and no units have them.

To compare the advantages of new and old ice machine on the market, you can calculate and compare by yourself after 2 years of operation.

Only about 2 years more than the cost of the old ice machine + 2 years of electricity costs will be equal or greater than the price of a new ice machine + 2 years of electricity. These are not taking into account the errors encountered by the ice machine using old equipment components. 2 years new machine can run completely stable. In the process of using the machine with old components, it is sure to generate an error. If lucky 2 years no-fault. By the third year, the new device is completely older than the old one. So we recommend being a smart customer!

In addition, you are also offered a packaging system when buying an ice making machine 9 Tons 100% New

Packaging system: You should buy yourself a packaging system to be able to produce clean and quality ice packs. This system helps you manipulate ice quickly and ensure safety. When buying 9 tons of iNox ice making machine,100% new, customers will be given a packaging system, so there is no cost incurred for this device.

If you still want to choose ice-making machine using an old compressor, there is no system for liquid air separating, old condenser, old pump and other old components, you can also see here: https: // locnuocvietan. vn / san-pham-viet-an / may-lam-da-vien /

Auxiliary equipment of 9-tons ice-making machine IVA9T buy more

Cold storage

Specifications of cold storage for 9 tons ice tube making machine IVA9T

Cold storage for storage ice



Volume (m3)


Storage size (mm)


Power (kw/h)


Voltage (V)


Outdoor unit (HP)


Indoor unit (HP)

2-layer cold white foam coated panel




Price (USD)


Water filtration system for ice making machines

Specifications of water filtration system for 9-tons ice-making machine IVA9T



Filter capacity (m3/ 24h)




Power (kw / h)


Voltage (V)


Weight (kg)


Price (USD)


Introducing about Viet An

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Viet An Trading CO, LTD, was equitized from August 2009. Viet An is a company, an enterprise specializing in manufacturing, importing, exporting and distributing industrial ice making machine, mini ice machine, bottle blowing machine, jar blowing machine, washing machine, filling machine, water filtration line and a lot of other products with  VA, USApec, Vinaro brands is No. 1 in Vietnam.

Throughout the history of formation and development, with the continuous efforts of all Viet An employees, they have achieved great achievements & continuously developed, completed the mission for customers, contributed significant for Vietnam’s industrial machinery industry and ASEAN countries. With these achievements, Viet An has been honored to receive many awards, certificates of merit, certificates of merit and gold cup of the State, the Prime Minister, and the President of Vietnam.

Customers buy IVA9T stainless steel ice making machine – 9 tons for export in Viet An with the following benefits:

In order to serve customers well, Viet An takes delivery nationwide. We are completely confident about our products.

Refer to the price of mini-ice machine from Viet An to Vietnam: https://vietan.vn/may-lam-da-vien here are all ice machines made by Viet An.

Viet An company is a supplier of industrial ice machines with high quality US modern technology. The ice-making machines of Viet An are a strong strength in the Vietnamese market, ensuring the quality of purity as well as the price of products. The warranty should be up to 12 months and maintenance the whole life of the machine. Please contact the hotline: 0949.41.41.41 to enjoy preferential prices, purchase advice and installation of IVA9T stainless steel ice tube making machine – 9 tons is the most accurately. Thank you for your interest and trust in Viet An’s products!