Tube ice maker

Viet An is a best unit in sale and manufacturing good and famous Tube ice maker with Viet Nam in particular and Asia in general. Each VA product will give customers a great experience with no one devices can provide.

Currently, clean – pure ice is an indispensable item in activities of daily life, especially when it contribute an important role in beverage industry as well as food preservation. Therefore, quality of finished ice has a large effect for every one as well every business.

Due to environmental pollution problems are wide spreading, leading to clean water is depleted, so which make quality of ice go down severely. That’s why, in the market there are a lot of bad pure ice bags – do not guarantee standard of food safety. Understanding this problem, our Viet An general trading company has made research and manufacture success to market a high-quality ice making machine – Completely remove dirt and harmful bacteria (which cause badly to human body).

tube ice maker

VA Tube ice maker in the best in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asian

Viet An company is an unit specialize in providing products of industrial and Tube ice maker – all have applied the most modern technology in the world, which are imported from US and European countries. Our products are bright spots in Viet Nam market about quality and reach ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our ice machine products has filter cores importing from Japan, so that it has ability to make total clean turbid, sediment, and completely eliminate toxic elements such as heavy metals, chemicals, detergents, insecticides, bacterial, deodorizing as well as raising PH concentration…to let finished ice get perfect state.

Viet An ice manufacturing machines use cooling methods combined between water and air, in order to increase productivity, limit downsides and promote advantages. Use of cooling air will remove heat from machines, help industrial ice cube machine run in smooth and efficient operation. Using cooling water will help products, which will not be affected by environmental temperature change – so it is great ideal for using it in place with tropical monsoon climate.

Further detail of throttle, it will be used to adjust water flow when steam of refrigerant flow through, thereby increasing cooling rate.

Advantage of Viet An Tube ice maker:

Currently, Viet An has applied successfully purified water filtration system to ice machine cleaner.

Details of this water filtration system:

If customers want more details of Tube ice maker – please contact to us via telephone number: 0943 41 41 41. Viet An is so pleased to serve you.

We wish all of you have ice and good day.

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