VA120 mini Ice cube making machine

Currently, the demand for refreshment is great in hot summer days. Clean ice tubes are more and more popular in everyday life. So open up great opportunities for ice machine suppliers. In which, VA120 mini Ice cube making machine produces 60KG of ice cubes per day, is also trusted by many small businesses. You are wondering where to buy yourself a reputable quality ice-making machine. Among the many choices, which is the best quality device with reasonable price and modern features? VA120 Mini Ice making machine (60kg) of Viet An is the best solution to help save production costs and improve business efficiency. We are the leading address in the field of refrigeration with many years of experience in the production, import and distribution of ice cube making machine lines, from low to high capacity. Viet An devices are currently highly appreciated by users.

The outstanding feature of VA120 ice making machine (60kg)

VA120 mini ice making machine (60Kg) is manufactured on the most advanced state-of-the-art technology in the United States with super-fast ice making speed. After only 15 to 20 minutes of operation, the machine has completed a quality batch of pure ice. All you need to do is press the start button, wait and shovel to use. This is probably the preeminent feature that every customer wants to have because most of the ice-making machines today take a lot of time, effort and cost to finish the batch, or must It takes a lot of time for installation, complicated testing into operation.

The operation cycle of the machine is self-contained

The machine is operated automatically at the touch of a button. Helps reduce the labor of workers. During the operation of the machine, you do not need to perform any additional action to impact on the machine. The machine works completely self-contained and automatic, so you can be assured that the finished ice is made very safe, hygienic and free of contamination. The closed operation process also helps the ice production save a large amount of power consumption, helping you reduce part of the cost.

Compact design, easy installation

One of the advantages of IVA120 mini ice machine is extremely compact and convenient design, but with an ice bucket of up to 45 kg. It is suitable for all your workshop space. Designed by the shell made of stainless steel material to create the aesthetic of the product, anti-rust and dust effectively. The system does not need racks or pipes, complex seams, does not make a loud noise during operation, which is the great point of VA120 Viet An ice making machine.

What is VA120 ice making machine (60kg) suitable for any business model?

VA120 mini ice making machine is suitable for all types of businesses such as bars, beer and liquor restaurants, cafes, refreshments, karaoke bars, big hotels. Most of these facilities use ice machines to provide the amount of ice needed to cool foods or drinks. Thanks to the properties of the long-melt ice cubes made from these machines, the facilities are able to take the initiative in their business without having to depend on the source of ice.

In addition, the high quality of ice makes the VA120 ice making machine (60kg) has capable of sale in the market, Hotels, supermarkets and restaurants can also pack and store them in the freezer to use for large arrivals without waiting for the ice to produce.

With other places that need to use ice such as hospitals, laboratories, or construction areas, Viet An VA120 (60kg) ice making machine can also help you solve this demand with stone production. just enough every day. And if you need to use ice cubes with larger quantities, do not worry, because Viet An has many models, different capacity with ice production even up to 50 tons per day.

Why you should use VA120 (60kg) ice making machine of Viet An

Viet An’s IVA120 mini ice making machine is one of the most preeminent products available today and is most popular in the Vietnam ice machine market.

Using  Viet Anice cube making machine brand will help you save costs and always be proactive in clean ice source to serve your needs. Especially in the hot season.

Applying modern technology, the machine has a self-contained, automatic operation mechanism without any human interaction, so that harmful bacteria cannot penetrate during ice making.

Compared with similar products in the Vietnam market today, the price that our company offers is the best price.

Above are the most basic things about VA120 ice making machine (60kg) of Viet An. With branches nationwide such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Buon Ma Thuot – we will help customers more easily when they want to access the product. Please call the phone number: 0949 41 41 41 today for the most specific and accurate advice. Thank you very much !.