VA2000 Mini Ice making machine

VA2000 Mini Ice making machine has a capacity of 900KG / 24h of Viet An manufactured on US technological lines and is one of the products voted by Vietnamese people as the No. 1 product in Southeast Asia. Now with climate change, the weather is getting hotter and hotter even in the winter like hot summer days. Therefore, the market of ice cubes is becoming more and more exciting. For the same reason, many ice stone businesses have opened. Instead, they have to find themselves suitable ice making machines for production. In fact, there are many types of ice cube making machines, but many have unknown origins or quality is not guaranteed. Makes buyers feel anxious and worried about how to choose to buy genuine ice machine, reputable address, quality. In order for customers not to worry, Viet An has launched a product line of ice-making machines with Viet An brand name, especially among them is the mini-ice making machine VA2000 with capacity of 900Kg / 24h to meet all needs of customer.

We have had 20 years in the manufacturing of water filtration lines and ice machines, so we have a good foothold in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Our products are known by customers early. By bringing credibility and trust to customers, we receive positive feedback on the product lines that customers have used during the past.

Viet An is the destination of all customers who choose to buy any product line of pure ice machine. In order not to have to spend too much time finding and choosing to buy ice machine lines on the market. Please come to our Viet An company at branches all over the country such as Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Buon Ma Thuot, Ho Chi Minh to see and learn the products so you can make bright decisions. throughout my selection of this product line.

With outstanding features and large output, VA-2000 ice making machine (900kg) is sure to meet the business needs of your facility.

Features of VA-2000 ice cube making machine (900kg)

VA2000 ice making machine is designed with pretty eye-catching designs and moreover the machine also weighs 220Kg while the capacity of ice making is quite large up to 4000W / h for efficient ice making performance, safe amount up to 900 kg / day.

With the production process of ice cubes that are automated, completely self-contained, the intelligent control system helps you to free up labor as to operate the machine. You will not have to waste time on operating or on duty.

VA2000 is designed with compact design to help users save space, easy to transport or install, suitable for all factory space.

The power-on and close-up switches are located in places that are easy to see, so extremely convenient and simple for anyone, including new users.

The technology line of ice making machine is applied according to the technology of the United States, greatly reducing the power. Saving a relatively large cost for production from which the price of ice can compete with the market.


Structure of VA-2000 ice cube making machine (900kg)

– Anti-corrosion, easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel housing.

– Imported components: all components are imported from abroad to ensure quality.

– Dimensions 1220 x 860 x 1950mm small tops easily in transportation and installation

– Large container can store up to 520kg of finished ice.

– R404A refrigerant is close to the environment and does not cause any harm to human health.

Basic structure of VA-2000 ice machine (900kg)

The effect of VA-2000 ice making machine (900kg) on ​​human health


Ice cubes have now become the most needed drink on summer days. In addition, the use of ice cubes in preserving and processing dishes is also selected by consumers. Moreover, you probably do not know the health benefits and ice cubes, such as:

Slimming: Nowadays, with the growing social situation, the quality of life also improves. Urbanization makes us humans also become less sedentary, along with it’s daily routine that makes the risk of obesity increase rapidly. So to reduce excess body fat, you can use ice to massage of bad fat such as the abdomen and thighs will tone the muscles. In addition, it should be combined with diet, reasonable rest, increased exercise, after only a short time, you will get a slim, ideal and attractive body.

Helps avoid stress: Between 70% to 80% of brain tissue is water. When dehydrated, the body will easily be exhausted, heart palpitations, blood will not reach the brain so it will be extremely irritable and extremely stressful. Therefore, you should use ice machine of 900kg ice machine to reduce body temperature, return to sanity and can work better.

Rejuvenation, increased elasticity, skin care: Since ancient times, concubines in harem or young women have used ice as a natural cosmetic because of its cold properties will help reduce wrinkles, tighten pores, lift facial skin, help your skin always white pink, radiant. Not only that, but when you have acne or redness, simply applying a few ice cubes to the affected area will improve the condition very quickly.

The effect of ice in life is not small. So one of the decisive factors is that the quality of the ice cubes to ensure, when used, we really feel secure. With Viet An ice cube machine system manufactured on the most advanced lines of the leading developed countries in the world, the ice maker produces the best quality ice cubes.

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