VA215 Mini Ice Cube making machine

Viet An VA215 Mini Ice Cube making machine is one of the best selling products in Vietnam. The machine can produce 100KG tons of ice cubes per day. With the weather becoming increasingly harsh for the hot climate all year round, the demand for ice cubes is also increasing. As a result, mushroom-growing ice facilities open up many business opportunities for small businesses. To meet the needs of domestic use as well as countries in the Asean region, Viet An has also launched a product line of VA215 mini ice-making machine to serve customers in need. VA215 mini Ice making machine (100kg) is an extremely perfect design with material made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful design. Medium-sized products capable of making ice faster and have a larger capacity than conventional machines. VA215 ice making machine (100kg) is rated as a machine with a powerful engine of outstanding capacity, especially at a reasonable price suitable to business needs.

VA215 Mini ice-making machine  – 100KG / 24h

 components imported famous

At the forefront of technological innovation, Viet An Company has researched and explored to apply the product line on the most technological line of the United States, with meticulous design and application of components. The best quality ever. The components are imported from famous countries around the world to produce high quality mini ice machines. We are committed to providing customers with the best quality VA215 ice cube machine on the market and reaching the ISO9001: 2015 international standard.

Applying new technology

Unlike most devices on the market that use old technology, longevity and quality are not guaranteed. Our VA215 mini ice making machine, which applies the most advanced technology, is a new generation ice machine that helps save up to 45% of power compared to the same type of product on the market. Saving energy not only is you saving for your own business, but it also contributes to improving the national interest. Viet An products bring satisfaction to customers from designs to technology.

Nice design suitable for use

One of the factors to decide to buy products is aesthetics. With VA215 mini ice-making machine  (100kg) has an eye-catching and compact design, luxury suitable for installation and use in many business spaces such as restaurants, cafes, milk tea shop… Although small, compact but VA215 ice machine (100kg) is very versatile when both responsible for production and maintenance functions.

Choosing VA215  ice making machine (100kg) of Viet An is a smart solution

– High productivity, stable working efficiency.

– Time to make super speed ice

– Saving power consumption

– Simple operation, smoothness

– The most reasonable price on the market

– Smart and modern equipment.

– Easy to clean, clean

Which business model is VA215 ice making machine (100kg)?

With a low ice cube production such as the VA215 ice machine (100kg), this machine can support small-scale businesses – accounting for a large number of people in Vietnam. Some examples of the perfect business application model of this device are:

Small shops, coffee shops or even small scale households use ice cubes to cool drinks like lemon tea, iced sugar, etc. This type of business can also be found in concentrated locations densely populated or school, hospital, stadium, …

Supermarkets, seafood specialty shops, or seafood markets can also use VA215 ice machine (100kg) to serve their business.

Karaoke bars and small bars can also use the ice cube maker VA215 (100kg) to produce concentrated ice during the day and use it mainly during peak hours without worrying about running out of ice cubes.

Neighbourhood grocery stores can also use the VA215 ice machine (100kg) to produce and pack retail ice.

If there is a need to use ice cubes that are not too large or want to use for many stores in your business chain, VA215 ice machine (100kg) of Viet An is the ideal choice for you. Please contact Viet An immediately to find out and equip VA215 ice machine (100kg) for your business!

VA215 ice making machine price (100kg)

The selling price of the device is about 33 million VND. Thanks to a container of up to 60kg, you can store ice in an unused time. The net weight of the device is 80 kg corresponding to the size of 680 * 670 * 980 mm.

Notes when installing VA215 ice machine (100kg) of Viet An

The distance around the place where the machine is placed: It should be placed near water sources to reduce the pressure on the pump system. In addition, the machine also needs to have certain distance restrictions with surrounding surfaces, especially behind the machine, so leave it open.

Maintenance and maintenance: when buying ice machine or any electrical equipment, do not forget to monitor the warranty period, the maintenance of the machine, and especially read the device’s user manual.

Above is the information required for any customer wishing to buy mini ice cube maker VA215 (100kg). If you want to buy the product, please contact our company via phone number: 0949 41 41 41. Viet An would like to thank!