VA270 mini ice-making machine

VA270 mini ice-making machine 130KG / 24h of Viet An company is the application of advanced technology from the United States to save power up to 45% due to other models on the market. VA270 ice making machine possesses a fast ice making speed and the highest efficiency compared to the current ice making machine lines.

VA270 ice making machine has a capacity of 130Kg / 24h will help you produce quality and safe batches of ice prescribed by the health department. To address the essential needs of your business, the VA270 ice cube machine is sure to make you satisfied with the quality of the product as well as the fineness of the ice cube. Help you peace of mind using ice without worrying about disease.

VA270 Ice making machine brand  No.1 in Vietnam

Viet An has more than 20 years of construction and development so this VA270 brand is one of the top quality products in Vietnam. We have had a lot of experience in the field of ice machine production, along with a team of meticulous, enthusiastic, friendly consulting staff about how to operate together with the leaders to run the company. Releasing the most optimal products and bringing high efficiency in production as well as in all conditions and circumstances.

Our ice making products are not only beautiful in appearance but also in high durability, they are designed entirely by stainless steel, good anti-rust. Ice making machine applies Piston cooling technology of the United States extremely effective and energy saving. The highlight of the water filtration line is the inlet water treatment system before cooling. With this system, the water will go through many superior filter cartridge (such as sediment filter cartridge, carbon uptake filter cartridge, reverse osmosis filter cartridge – RO) and finally UV light system, remove 99.9% of scum for better health protection.

Radiator surface, a large area with 3 sides helps the machine operate more stable without worrying about heat, durability lasts longer.

Application of the world’s most advanced refrigeration technologies helps to accelerate the cooling speed.

The advantages of VA270 130kg ice cube machine that are only available at Viet An company

The preferential when buying VA270 130kg ice making machine 

  1. When buying ice cube machine products of Viet An, you will get free delivery package nationwide, warranty up to 2 years. Within 1 month of use – if the device operates at a low capacity, and does not meet the criteria that Viet An company committed – customers will be refunded 100% of the product value.
  2. With Viet An’s nationwide branch, the delivery and installation of ice making machines nationwide has become easier than ever. Just a few simple orders, Viet An will transport and install goods for free for you.
  3. Discount up to 12% of the value of the components that make up the ice-making machine.
  4. In case, you buy more than 1 ice machine, the company will discount 15% on the product value.
  5. After purchasing the equipment, if customers need support from Viet An – dedicated technical team will be support for you.

Order ice-making machine today to own VA270 – 130kg ice making machine of Viet An which is the most famous and reputable brand in Vietnam. We specialize in supplying and distributing quality products that have been tested by experts. We have a factory located in Vietnam specializing in maintenance and maintenance of machines, complete spare parts and repairs when necessary, easy to find.

Above is quite complete information about the product 130kg ice cube maker of Viet An company. If you have any questions or need to order our ice cube machines, you can contact us at 0949. 41. 41. 41. We are ready to serve you 24/7.