VA400 mini ice making machine

VA400 mini ice making machine with a capacity of 180 Kg / 24 of Viet An is one of the most popular products in Vietnam. The machine is operated on US technology to help save electricity costs for businesses and create the best quality ice. As a result, reducing the cost of making ice helps to increase profits for the growing ice business. Today with the booming society, residential areas are growing like mushrooms. As a result, increasing consumption of ice cubes led to an improved quality of life. So people are also more careful about their health. They began to care about food safety. Besides, the production facilities have also grown massively so they cannot control the quality of water sources as well as the quality of ice for refreshments. This is also a concern of many people. Understanding that, Viet An Company launched the VA400 ice machine product line to meet all customers’ needs from quality to food safety. Most hotel restaurants or bars have huge consumption of ice cubes and customers are mostly high-income people so they require the quality of meals or drinks to be improved. Meanwhile, these facilities do not produce their own ice cubes, but instead have to source external ice cubes. Therefore, owning an VA400 ice cube making machine of Viet An is an optimal solution for these businesses. When the 180kg ice cube maker (VA400) is you can completely control the quality of ice cubes due to I do it so that I can build the confidence of my customers choosing your business. Moreover, you can proactively source the ice to use it both safely and economically.


VA400 ice cube machine with a capacity of 180kg / 24h is applied with the most modern advanced technology and is applied to ice cube machine of Viet An Company. Helping ice cube maker 180kg possesses a fast ice making speed and the highest efficiency compared to the current ice maker lines on the market.

VA400 ice machine 180KG / 24h of Viet An

VA400 ice making machine of Viet An is equipped with an effective disinfection system: Water is brought into the machine through the technology of disinfecting dirt and bacteria at a basic level, the next step is to treat water with various types. activated carbon to deodorize, discolor, the last step is to go through the reverse osmosis filter – to remove the remaining bacteria is safe, hygienic and will minimize the harm can affect human health when used.

Why should you use an ice-making machine model VA400 (180kg) of Viet An?

– With the outstanding advantages of structure and operation method, surely there is hardly any device that can surpass ice machine model VA400 (180kg)

– This is a high-quality product, the most modern and new technology appeared on the market. However, it has prevailed over similar products and is widely used by reasonable prices and good quality. Fast ice making process, large ice storage compartment, always meet your needs.

– Being proactive in the water source for making ice to ensure more quality ice. The machine has an intelligent water filtration system, which helps to eliminate the deposits and impurities in the water source before cooling.

– Refrigerants R22 and R404a are very safe for health because they do not contain CFC, which helps to cool quickly, saving electricity, time and labor.

– Machine operating, closed, automatic without the intervention of human hands should ensure the finished product is very pure, clean and free of bacteria or impurities.

What is VA400 (180kg) ice cube making machine suitable for which business models?

The machine is very compact, convenient, automatic operation, so it is suitable to use for many different models.

Most restaurants, pub, cafes, soft drinks, bars, milk tea shops … are suitable to use VA400 ice-making machine (180kg) because its capacity is not too large, it can create an amount of ice meets the daily needs and reserves for use whenever. High-quality ice cubes take 4 times longer to dissolve than poor-quality ice to make drinks cooler, more attractive, more refreshing.

Buffet restaurants, shops selling fresh food, seafood shop, salad bars … need pure ice to display products, preserve fresh vegetables and fruits to make them fresher.

Schools, hospitals, agencies, small and medium enterprises should also use VA400 ice making machine (180kg) to have ice cubes for staff, students or medicine storage and medical treatment.

Please contact us for advice and own the best ice making equipment on the market today, best suited to the needs of each business model. In addition to model VA400 (180kg), Viet An also has ice cube machine products with different capacities such as bigger, smaller depending on the needs of customers. For more information, please contact the hotline: 0949 41 41 41 for product information.