VA4500 mini ice making machine

VA4500 mini ice making machine with a capacity of 2025Kg / 24h is manufactured by Viet An based on US technological lines, which saves up to 45% compared to similar ice cube making machine products on the market. Today the demand for ice cubes is increasing day by day, thus opening up development opportunities for ice cube businesses. With the fierce competition of the market and must meet the demanding requirements of consumers. Therefore, businesses must choose for themselves a good quality ice machine to serve the vast majority of the most demanding customers. Consumers are now smarter in choosing reputable businesses, so businesses need to be proactive in quality from input to production to ensure that they meet the standards. Technical standards set by the Ministry of Health.

VA-4500 Ice making machine (2025kg) is a perfect solution to meet the needs of using pure ice on the market today. It is hard to find any modern equipment with high capacity and stable productivity, and cost savings as Viet An brand ice machine. With superior features, superior both in form and technology, the VA-4500 ice cube making machine (2025kg) has really won over even the most demanding customers.

The outstanding advantages of Viet An VA-4500 (2025kg) ice cube making machine bring to customer

  1. VA4500 ice making machine is one of the quite sophisticatedly designed products. Although the ice maker’s capacity is 2025kg, the weight is only 360 kg – very easy to move, design and install. The product is easy to use.
  2. With ice storage up to 940kg – making it easier to store ice than ever before, the ice cubes, even for many hours in the warehouse – don’t stick to each other (thanks to the good maintenance temperature). .
  3. Along with the water discharge system is designed just below – will help water can be released during storage of ice.
  4. Price of about VND 180 million is that customers can own an extremely smart 2025kg ice cube machine. If doing well, the payback period for the product will only be in months.

Products can create 2 samples of ice cubes, which are 2.8×2.8mm ice cubes and 2.3×2.3mm ice cubes.

Very nice design products through sophisticated design monolithic. Finished ice long dissolves than usual.

The ice making cycle is fully automated

Adopted American advanced technology so that after just one push of the start button, the ice making process will be started, without any hassles or multiple controls. Even the control panel is equipped with additional LEDs to notify users of the internal process of the machine as well as error alerts so that technical staff can promptly repair.

Perfect stone quality

The VA4500 ice making machine produces 2025 Kg of ice every day that produces extremely pure ice. This machine comes from a very clean stainless steel cover outside, you can be assured that all surfaces in contact with water are highly safe. After the production batches are completed, the ice cubes are dropped into the ice storage container underneath completely closed, bacteria and dust can not penetrate and harm your product. The machine works with a completely closed cycle, besides, the machine also does not make a big noise so it does not affect people and the surrounding environment. The control and insulation system is too great. Everything you expect of a VA4500 ice maker, ice maker (2025kg) can be made to meet it and more!

What is VA-4500 ice making machine (2025kg) suitable for which business model?

With a large ice making capacity, VA-4500 ice making machine (2025kg) is suitable for ice production facilities wishing to convert and improve production technology as well as the quality of finished ice cubes.

In addition, the chain of restaurants, hotels, or big tourist areas is also an ideal business model for VA-4500 ice maker (2025kg).

Shopping centers or large seafood markets, seafood enterprises are also places that have high demand for ice and need quality clean ice. VA-4500 ice making machine (2025kg) completely meets the requirements of both output and quality to serve this target customer.

Hotel and restaurant chain: With the venue to welcome thousands of visitors every day like this, there is no ice machine that can meet the needs of businesses. Therefore, only the ice making machine VA-4500 (2025kg) can meet. If you really care about your customers’ health, as well as the reputation and long-term development of your business, invest in this VA-4500 ice machine (2025kg) that will not make you disappointed.

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