VA600 mini ice making machine

VA600 270KG / 24h mini ice making machine is one of the most favored models on the Vietnamese market. The device is extremely perfect design with material made of high-quality stainless steel. Products with large sizes capable of making ice faster and larger capacity than conventional machines. The 270kg ice cube making machine is considered to be a powerful machine with an outstanding capacity, especially at a reasonable price suitable to business needs.


Today, with the weather becoming increasingly hot, the demand for ice cubes is increasing, opening up business opportunities for beverage businesses: firstly, it is impossible not to mention restaurants. , coffee shops, milk tea shops, karaoke bars or even small water shops that provide drinks for people, so ice cubes are indispensable for refreshments. People now also care about the quality of their drinks to ensure their health, so they also choose to buy products in places with a high reputation for quality. That means these facilities also have to find sources of quality clean ice. Can not be more assured when owning yourself to make ice cubes, you can control the quality of ice cubes produced to serve consumers. It also contributes to increase the trust of customers with the products that businesses bring.

In our country, the long hot season of ice cubes is used not only for the summer but also the seasons throughout the year. The number of customers consuming beverages is relatively large, so these establishments may have to provide drinks to thousands of visitors with a total amount of ice. The clean and self-sufficient source of stone will be a condition to help these addresses develop more sustainably. 270kg ice making machine is widely used and used by many customers.

Advantages of VA600 270kg / 24h ice making machine

Fully automatic control switch system: The automatic controller can help you save time, ensure the desired ice effect. Help make ice fast, strong, smooth machine without making noise, grind smooth, easy to clean.

Super-speed cooling system: With a stable running speed for a long time, it will help quickly convert heat and improve the quality of ice cubes.

Imported components

Like many other products of Viet An, 270kg ice cube machine is meticulously designed and applied the best quality components from many countries around the world. Especially, not only use components with famous global brands, but Viet An also commits to customers on quality control issues, ensuring good durability of products.

The cabinet is made of stainless steel

 270kg Ice making machine made up stainless steel shell, durable and easy to clean and limit corrosion over time. Besides, this material also has a glossy color, creating a luxury, a great attraction for consumers.

Offers for customers When buying ice cubes 270kg

  1. Discounts up to 15% of the product value (listed on the website) when customers buy more than 1 device.
  2. Support shipping services to the place for customers.
  3. You can exchange and return the device in 7 days – whenever, the device has a problem.
  4. With Viet An, there will be 2 forms of payment, namely: Payment in cash (before or after receiving the device) and transfer payment (via Tay Ho branch system, Vietnam Agricultural Bank).

Our company always operates with the motto that the customer is king, all products made – are aimed at user satisfaction.

The note when installing ice machine 270kg

Water source: using water near the groundwater, you can use water that has passed many filters to improve the quality and purity of the ice cubes, making the ice clear.

The distance around the place where the machine is placed: It should be placed near water sources to reduce the pressure on the pump system. In addition, the machine also needs to have certain distance restrictions with surrounding surfaces, especially behind the machine, so leave it open.

Maintenance: when buying an ice-making machine or any electrical equipment, do not forget to monitor the warranty period, the maintenance of the machine, and especially read the device’s user manual.

With this VA600 270kg ice cube making machine, it will surely help business customers thrive – the payback period of this machine is 9 months. The best after-sales system ever, With a team of dedicated delivery, powerful technical staff, Viet An always ensures customers get the best and fastest after-sales service. Ensuring our business is always stable.

With the special highlights above, surely you have a better understanding of the VA600 270kg ice-making machine. To learn more about the machine and consider ordering, you can contact Viet An directly today for the best price. For further information, please contact the hotline: 0949 41 41 41 for service.