VA850 mini Ice Making machine

VA850 mini Ice Making machine produces 400KG tons of ice per day. Produced on the most advanced technology line in the United States. VA850 – 400KG / 24h ice cube machine is designed with modern and elegant design, all accessories are installed in monolith to ensure a stable production process, producing even ice. With nearly 20 years of construction and development, Viet An is proud to bring the best products.


Besides, VA850 – 400KG / 24h ice-making machines are also safer for users when they are designed with three protection circuits, fully automatic electrical system, capable of disconnecting itself when leaking electricity. By doing so, the device can reduce error rates by up to 50% and extend the lifespan to 60%. Come to Viet An to experience high-class products, professional and thoughtful services.

Ice making machine VA850 – 400KG / 24h

Currently on the market, many products of unknown ice making machine are causing customers to be disturbed and worried about which ice cube maker to choose. Viet An would like to introduce ice cube maker VA850 – 400KG / 24h suitable for business model. Ice cube maker VA850 – 400KG / 24h produces pure ice source, ensures food safety and hygiene using beverage dispensing at any time. The ice storage of the machine is very large, it is made of good insulated stainless steel and has a rubber border to prevent external water vapor, so the ice can be stored for a long time without melting.

Companies, factories, small and medium enterprises should also use ice cream making machine VA850 – 400KG / 24h of Viet An to let employees in the unit be refreshed with the cleanest ice to ensure health.

Quality of ice cubes of ice cube making machine VA850 – 400KG / 24h

  1. About size: ensure the standard is 2.8mmx 2.8mm / 2.3mmx2.3mm according to the stone mold designed to suit the machine.
  2. Output: maximum VA850 – 400KG / 24h / day due to being equipped with extremely strong and outstanding capacity that allows continuous and stable production of ice cubes, without freezing or jamming.
  3. Color: thanks to a water filter capable of effectively handling dirt, germicides and stainless steel components, the ice cubes will be transparent, able to see through the light, no color or cloudy. When dissolved in water, there will be no residues, impurities which are harmful to human health.
  4. Melting time: ice cubes of ice cube maker VA850 – 400KG / 24h have aged, hardness better than other devices on the market a lot. The ability to keep cold long, when exposed to air, at room temperature will dissolve more slowly, helping to preserve food such as frozen, fresh food retains the delicious, perfect taste as the original.
  5. Manufacturing process: VA850 – 400KG / 24h ice block machine is fully self-contained, automates the processes so it will save you time, the ice cubes always ensure hygiene and safety.

You can combine with RO water filtration line with modern reverse osmosis technology invented by the United States to exclusively Viet An to make ice cubes with the most perfect quality, ensuring safety for user health. while saving costs and increasing revenue, maximum profits.

Instructions for use VA850 ice making machine – 400KG / 24h

– Read the instructions attached to the product, if you encounter a problem, severe damage can not be overcome, you should call a service center, avoid self-repair or follow tips on the Internet or folk experience.

– Regarding the water source: the quality of the source water has an important and decisive influence on the final ice cubes as well as the components of the machine. Therefore, use sterile, purified, and uninfected water.

– You need to consider the power source, the voltage level appropriate to the capacity of the machine.

– Installation space: Note should not place ice cube maker VA850 – 400KG / 24h in places with high humidity, too high or too low temperature, many obstacles around, obscuring visibility.

– Should periodically maintain and clean the parts of the machine, replace the accessories (when necessary) according to the time prescribed by Viet An.

As a unit specializing in providing industrial ice machine products applying modern Italian high quality technology. Viet An ice making machines are a bright spot on the Vietnamese market in terms of both the quality of pure stone and the price of products. Commitment Free nationwide delivery, product warranty up to 2 years, lifetime maintenance. For more information about VA850 ice machine – 400KG / 24h, please contact Hotline: 0943.41.41.41 or come to our branch system in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Buon Ma Thuot etc. .. Viet An Company is very pleased to serve and welcome!